Buffalo, NY (BUF)

350 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14202

SAS70 Type II Facility

Situated within Main Place Tower - one of Buffalo’s foremost information hubs - Server Mania’s Buffalo data center leverages multimillion dollar system architecture to provide you with exactly the sort of service you’ve come to expect of us - incredible availability, high speeds and unbeatable prices. With direct fiber connections to both New York City and Toronto, this strategically-located facility is guaranteed to give you an awesome return on your investment.

Our 200 Gpbs network is fully redundant, and is connected to multiple Tier 1 network providers. What that means for you is that it always stays online - no matter what happens.

Services at this location: Dedicated, Cloud & Virtual Private Servers

Brief Facility Datasheet
Location 350 Main St., Buffalo, NY 14202 (11 Miles from Buffalo International Airport)
Size 270,490 square foot gross; 23,000 square feet of datacenter space
Commissioned 2009 (Datacenter)
Carriers Fully redundant native 10GE network consists of Level3, Telia, Torix & XO onsite.
Test IP
Security 24/7/365 staffing with at least 2 officers. Dual-factor authentication system (keycard + biometrics)
Certified SAS70 Type II certificate is ensuring that our processes and procedures meet or exceed the strictest of standards.
Green Hosting Thanks to the hydro-electric capabilities provided by Niagara Falls our Buffalo datacenter is nearly carbon neutral
Excellent Connectivity Low latency and high throughput network access to North America and Europe.
Buffalo Carriers
Data Center

All dedicated servers include a 1 Gbps network uplink port, ensuring the fastest possible data transfers.

Data Center

Utilizing multiple tier1 network providers to ensure a redundandt network capacity of over 300 Gbps.

Data Center

Ensuring that our processes & procedures meet or exceed the strictest of industry standards.