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Our essential server management package provides basic coverage to properly setup the server operating system and migrate content from other servers. This is the perfect option for those looking for setup assistance, but would like to handle the bulk of server management themselves.


This plan is designed for those looking for complete server management. We keep the server secure with the latest updates and security patches. We'll manage migrations and backups and proactively monitor your server 24x7 to ensure every aspect of your server is regularly running smoothly.

Account Migration
cPanel, OS, users for Essential. On-going management of account migration for Empowered.
Operating System (OS)
Install your Operating System, configuration based on server requirements

Initial Server Setup (IP/Hostname/Control Panel/DNS), * OS installation
* Control panel installation
* Initial server audit and hardening
* Onsite / offsite backup setup and configuration
* Server migrations

OS Security patching and performance tuning

Disable Unnecessary/Insecure Services, Kernel Updates

OS Issue Troubleshooting
Network & Security
Server Network Configurations
Iptables Based (CSF) Firewall Installation and Configuration
Server Security Hardening

Initial Security Audit, Server Hardening and Optimization, Proactive Security Patching, SSH Hardening, host.conf/sysctl.conf Hardening, Directory/Partition Hardening, Unnecessary System User Removal, Major vulnerability checks (Heartbleed, DROWN, DirtyCOW, CVEs, etc...)

* Kernel checks
* OS checks
* Recent logins
* Check user access levels (wheel, sudo, etc.)
* Rootkit checks
* Weak password check
* Recently created accounts
* Suspicious Process checks
* DNS/rDNS checks
* Web Application Firewall configurations
* SSH / Control panel restrictions
* Best practice installs and configurations
* Service version checks

OS User Management
Server Security Reviews and Consultations

Weekly Security Scans, DOS Attack Mitigation, System Rootkit Scan, Regular Performance and Health Checks, Re-secure a server after intrusion

Control Panel (CPanel and Plesk) Istallation
Configuration Management
CP Account Management (user creation, configs, etc)
Limited to the following softwares: MySQL, Apache, nginx, named/bind, iptables-based firewalls, software managed from within cPanel/Plesk, postgresql, and any other softwares mentioned in service specific contracts.

Apache Updates, PHP Updates, mySQL Updates, mySQL Optimization, Control Panel Updates

Software management services provided for services not included will be billable at 15 minute increments
Software Installation

We only install fully supported softwares - for software that isn't supported we can do a best effort initial install but any custom configurations or additional set up would not be covered.

Configuration Management

mod_security Installation/Configuration, Managed Firewall

Updates / Security Patching

Operating System and Software Updates, Web/Database Server Updates

Performance Tuning & Troubleshooting

Disk Health Check, RPM Integrity Verification

SSL Certificate Management
Monitoring Requirements Consultation (Review Setups and discuss monitoring requirements/expectations with client)

We monitor the following 11 ports, in addition to 2 custom user-defined ports: FTP (21), SSH (22), SMTP (25), DNS (53), WEB (80), POP (110), IMAP (143), WEB SSL (443), cPanel (2082), WHM (2086), mySQL (3306).

* Remote Port Scan,
* Load alerts
* Disk usage alerts
* Memory alerts
* Mail queue alerts
* Suspicious process alerts
* Service downtime alerts"

Setup monitoring based on expectations (Additional software may be required to meet customer requirements, this software may be a billable service to the client)
Design Backup Strategy Based on Client Expectations, and Suggestions from Server Mania Staff Configure Backup Solution

Server Backup Configuration/Implementation

Monitor and Maintain Backups to ensure system reliability in case of disaster Backup Strategy may require additional software/servers which may be a billable service to the client)

Depends on the solution you choose. Restore a server from backup

Unique Requirements? Complex Architecture?

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