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Earn up to $550 in comission per sale

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How It All Works

Many hosting affiliates require their partners to refer a significant volume of accounts before they start making money. Server Mania doesn’t work that way. With our affiliate program, you’re receiving some of the most competitive commissions in the industry – as much as $880 in commission per sale, and 80% of the first month's revenue, even if you only refer one customer.

Earnings Information
One-Time Commission
Hold Back Period
Dedicated Servers
60 days
Cloud Hosting
60 days
Hybrid Hosting
60 days
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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Server Mania has already established itself with a stellar reputation for customer satisfaction and reliability. Our employees are known for their commitment to our customers in the dedicated server, cloud, and hybrid server industries. Now, we’re looking to provide that same level of service to our marketing partners.

  • 1.Post the affiliate link in a blog post.
  • 2.Place a banner ad or graphic on your website.
  • 3.Refer your own clients or business associates to us.
  • 4.Use pay-per-click advertisements to drive traffic to a landing page with the affiliate link, provided you aren’t bidding for our company name, and you aren’t misrepresenting who you are.

Once you’ve set up an affiliate account, you’ll receive an affiliate link. Simply place that link somewhere on your website, and when a visitor clicks it and completes a sale, you’ll receive a commission after a 2 month waiting period, with no minimum payout.

Reliable Tracking

Our tracking cookies do not expire for 90 days, assuring you the credit you deserve, even if the visitor doesn’t make a purchase right away.


You can track how much you’ve made by logging in to your account. Our sales are tracked using, reknown for its trusted affiliate tracking and simplicity.

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