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Captis Intelligence Case Study

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About Captis Intelligence

Captis Intelligence was founded in 2015 and has since evolved into a portfolio of innovative security solutions that help organizations of all sizes protect their assets.

Their revolutionary Subject Intelligence System is the world’s first, and it allows for monitoring of people and objects in real time for potential threats.

Combined with their other product offerings, Captis Intelligence sets the standard for modern security and asset protection across multiple industries. Their consolidated data and cloud based software help their clients reduce incident rates by up to 70% and identify a large number of alert-subjects.

Captis Intelligence provides more than just security; they create ways to optimize asset protection, significantly reduce costs, and proactively manage risks for their clients.
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Security and Asset Protection Law Enforcement

Valencia, CA, United States


Principal Market Segments Served:
Facial Recognition Software Crime Identification and Deterrence Pre and Post-Incident Intelligence

The Captis Intelligence Challenge

As Captis Intelligence grew and partnered with other businesses to build and deploy their innovative and cutting edge security and asset management solutions, they were faced with one particular challenge that they hadn’t foreseen.

Customers were requesting that systems and databases be (or not be) hosted on AWS, Google or Azure, and would inject roadblocks in the acquisition of Captis Intelligence’s services if they did not meet this mainstream platform requirement. As they quickly deployed services across a variety of platforms to meet client demands, other challenges began to arise.

Pricing Structures

All of the services offered by mainstream hosting providers were becoming prohibitively expensive. Covering these costs was not sustainable in the long-term.

For example, one particular sub-deployment was costing Captis Intelligence $20,000 a month with one provider. The same project deployed on ServerMania servers, as a pilot to begin with, cost them just $600 a month for the same services and no discounted pricing.

In addition to the increasing costs associated with dedicated server hosting with other providers, the pricing structures were nearly impossible to understand, even with the simplest service purchase. This led to questionable fees and other difficult to understand pricing structures.

“I just want a simple menu. Show me what you’re going to sell. Tell me how much money you want for it, and just keep selling me that product. This is exactly what ServerMania does.”

Sal Ingrilli
Project Manager, Captis Intelligence

“We are with ServerMania today, not because of what we do or don’t do as a business. We are here because ServerMania has kept their promise to provide reliable and consistent services.”

Sal Ingrilli
Project Manager, Captis Intelligence

Liability and Security Risks

Given the sensitive nature and risks associated with capturing and transferring the type of data Captis Intelligence works with, the mainstream hosting providers could not guarantee that servers wouldn’t be shut down on short notice for a variety of reasons, including for public relations concerns.

Furthermore, anytime there was a data transfer between one server to another external server, they ran the risk of getting flagged for suspicious activity, which could lead to a suspended account and server downtime, costing the company credibility and money.

The price of services and uncertainty around continuity of service ultimately led Captis Intelligence to consider alternative server hosting options.

Performance and Service Degradation

As they evaluated the performance of servers deployed with the mainstream companies, Captis Intelligence found that none could offer the simplicity and convenience they were looking for in terms of ease of deployment and server maintenance. It became far too common that features would be enabled or deployed on their servers without authorization, resulting in additional fees and hours spent configuring or removing the service.

While investigating the performance of these services Captis Intelligence also noticed severe performance issues in the evenings, Eastern Standard Time. This was, of course, a very frustrating experience not only for their developers, but also for clients who relied on server uptime and high-performance database search functionality.

Captis Intelligence needed a server partner that was honest, consistent, and reliable in terms of services offered.


Honesty and Consistent Services

In an effort to find a more viable and reliable solution, Captis Intelligence researched and reviewed over a dozen alternative server hosting companies. In their initial testing period with ServerMania over several weeks, and under sustained loads, they found that uptime was consistent and performance degradation did not occur.

Support Competency

One key observation in Captis Intelligence’s evaluation of technical support across all hosting partners underlined that ServerMania’s team outperformed the competition in terms of responsiveness, transparency and solutions oriented advice. The undeniable frustration of having to file a support ticket and still be required to solve the problem themselves had occurred far too frequently with other providers.

At ServerMania, the support professionals have years of hands-on experience in the server hosting industry and are quickly capable of providing context, clear direction and competent support.

World Class Data Centers and Options

With servers located in key cities around the world, ServerMania is able to offer equitable geographical distribution and peace of mind when it comes to server failover.

In the case of Captis Intelligence, ServerMania provided custom solutions to their very unique requirements. Beyond that, ServerMania was transparent and reliable in terms of offering exact server specifications without issues or compromise.

The bespoke options provided by ServerMania included high-performance CPUs, large memory and NVMe disk options, unmetered bandwidth, and the ability to run multiple operating systems (Windows, Linux, etc.), which is often not offered through other service providers.

“ServerMania has become part of my solution pipeline.It sometimes feels like we are colleagues working for the same company. They help me solve problems and find solutions quickly and are not a hurdle to solving issues. The service has been stellar.”

Sal Ingrilli
Project Manager, Captis Intelligence

Tailored Account Management

As part of the onboarding process, Captis Intelligence was assigned an account manager to ensure a direct line of communication with ServerMania in the event of any questions. If they needed to deploy new services or provisioning or had a technical issue that needed to be resolved, the account manager was just a Skype call away.

In addition, the account manager checked in frequently to ensure services remained optimal and to notify about actions that needed to be executed to keep servers running optimally.

What advice does Captis Intelligence have for other companies about to embark on a similar project?

In speaking with a representative from Captis Intelligence about lessons learned while embarking on this project, his advice was to speak to expert groups including administrators, engineers, etc. to see what services are offered by hosting companies. Look deeper than the first two pages on Google and give a chance to alternative vendors. If pricing isn’t upfront, clear, and competitive like it is with ServerMania, then you will likely run into unplanned costs.

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“Pricing needs to be competitive. We found that with ServerMania they were in fact so ridiculously competitive that the price of one of their dedicated servers was lower than a shared virtual machine offered by other providers.”

Sal Ingrilli
Project Manager, Captis Intelligence


In partnering with ServerMania, Captis Intelligence has managed to cut costs, reduce risk, offer a more stable and reliable network infrastructure, and curtail support and solution response time.
They now have the assurance of a dedicated account manager, who is just an email away, to help them quickly scale up as project requirements grow.
ServerMania was able to provide Captis Intelligence with:
  • Unmatched pricing and custom server solutions
  • Competent and transparent support professionals, 24/7
  • Incredibly reliable services in top tier data centers around the world
ServerMania is more than a server hosting provider. We offer state of the art security and custom packages to meet all your needs, whether you host your own colocation servers, or lease from one of our world class data centers. We offer a personalized approach to service and delivery, with solutions to help you succeed.

Everything we do is aimed at empowering your business with flexible, reliable, and affordable infrastructure, backed by unmatched enterprise infrastructure expertise and experience.


ServerMania is a Canadian company with over a decade of experience building high-performance infrastructure hosting platforms for businesses globally. We offer a wide range of fully customizable dedicated, hybrid, cloud, colocation, IP Transit, and server cluster services.

Our mission is to empower clients by equipping them with fast, reliable, innovative infrastructure hosting while upholding a 100% network uptime SLA. This is assisted by a 24x7x365 rapid response team — one with some of the best response times in the industry.

To learn more about how ServerMania can help to reduce your business’s infrastructure costs while improving reliability and performance, get in touch today.