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Comodo Case Study

Cybersecurity leader - Comodo - selects ServerMania to empower their hosting infrastructure.

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About Comodo Cybersecurity

Comodo Cybersecurity is a leader in consumer and enterprise cybersecurity. The company offers a comprehensive array of cybersecurity products and services, including anti-virus software, firewalls, endpoint- security solutions, and certificate and IT management platforms.

Comodo operates in dozens of countries across the world and uses extensive infrastructure to support cybersecurity products relied on by millions of users.

With over 20 years of experience building innovative solutions for their clients, Comodo has equipped businesses with the tools they need to stay secure in an ever-changing digital landscape. Comodo is focused on changing the security industry from a reactive to a proactive approach and allowing businesses to focus on their goals rather than worry about data breaches.

The company uses ServerMania’s bare metal servers and managed services to support operations including development, communications, and data storage.

& Affiliates
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Industry: Computer Software Founded: 1998 Number of employees: 600+ Website: Principal Market Segments Served: Home & Home Office E-Commerce/Internet Merchants Small to Medium Business Large Enterprises, Institutions and Governments Customers/Users/Partners: Consumer and Small Business PC Software Users: over 25 million installations. Internet Users: Tens of millions interacting and conducting business with the websites, email and other Internet applications that Comodo secures and authenticates. Business Customers: (primarily digital certificate holders) Over 700,000 Digital Certificates Issued: Over 2 million Partners and Affiliates: Over 7000


Comodo’s production infrastructure is primarily hosted on AWS, however, Comodo found its quality of service was at risk of being compromised by a lack of vendor support. Comodo’s business suffered from hardware failures, long recovery times, poor feedback regarding infrastructure status, and excessive wait-times for support.

Inadequate support, responsiveness, and reliability had impacted Comodo’s internal operations and its relationships with customers, so a decision was made to transition to a platform capable of providing the hands-on support Comodo needed.

In addition to unreliable support, Comodo was conscious that their vendor’s managed services were more expensive than other products on the market. The company’s technical leadership felt that alternative infrastructure would prove more cost-effective fora subset of its operations, including development and testing, file storage, and servers to support communications.

Comodo established criteria that their selected vendor must be able to fulfill. Potential vendors were measured against those criteria, the most important of which were:

  • Fast and professional responses to Comodo’s queries.
  • Personalized responses from technical experts who were prepared to answer Comodo’s questions in detail.
  • The ability to provide specific advice about Comodo’s requirements and to create custom solutions where necessary.
  • Professional hardware and network infrastructure consultancy and support.
  • Effective, reliable, and trustworthy remote hands support.

After an exhaustive selection process, Comodo settled on ServerMania, the only vendor capable of providing the required level of service at an affordable price.

Unlike its competitors, ServerMania is dedicated to providing the custom tailored infrastructure platform that each customer needs in its own way. In addition to a variety of pre-configured dedicated and hybrid server packages, the ServerMania team has the expertise to assess the needs of each customer and build a custom solution.

If I had the resources, I would certainly move all our infrastructure from AWS to ServerMania since AWS is very expensive to operate and lacks the customer service ServerMania has provided. ServerMania provides you the unique experience that you have been longing for.

DevOps Director, Comodo


The ServerMania team worked with Comodo’s technical leadership to create an infrastructure platform with the mix of reliability, cost-effectiveness, and performance Comodo needed.

Comodo decided to leverage a range of ServerMania’s infrastructure platforms and management services, including bare metal infrastructure. Today, ServerMania’s data centers host Comodo’s development and testing servers, email servers, and download and storage servers. ServerMania’s Montreal data center also hosts Comodo’s Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure — a cloud infrastructure deployment and management solution.

The Partnership
Comodo’s technical team works with ServerMania’s server and networking professionals to select, configure, and deploy infrastructure on a per-project basis.

After choosing a basic configuration from the ServerMania website, Comodo contacts their ServerMania account manager to discuss possible modifications and to seek guidance about the best infrastructure solution. The ServerMania team analyses Comodo’s requirements and makes infrastructure recommendations. Once a specification is agreed on, ServerMania configures and deploys the required hardware.

When the hardware is up-and-running, Comodo’s team uses the ServerMania platform’s direct console access to install and configure its software. This approach gives Comodo complete infrastructure flexibility and the support and guidance of ServerMania’s expert server administrators.

With ServerMania, Comodo can deploy the infrastructure they need, with short lead times, within budget.

ServerMania is as transparent and open- minded as one can be, so I can get the analysis of a system setup from a very different point of view. Invaluable!

DevOps Director, Comodo


Comodo leverages ServerMania infrastructure and support for three business-critical operations: testing and staging environments, email servers, and download and storage servers. The availability of inexpensive and reliable hardware allows Comodo to bring products to market quickly and maintain the quality of service that cybersecurity customers expect.

“ServerMania’s 24/7 support service is outstanding. I haven’t seen any other provider even coming close. What’s more, ServerMania always approaches problems with a positive manner. Every staff member I have encountered always made me feel that I was their priority. A very rare experience these days!”

DevOps Director, Comodo

A flexible infrastructure platform

ServerMania is happy to customize its platform for individual clients. The ServerMania team have been building enterprise infrastructure solutions for many years. They have completed thousands of infrastructure deployments — every ServerMania client benefits from their expertise and ServerMania’s commitment to building custom-engineered infrastructure environments.

True 24x7 support

ServerMania’s support team is available round-the-clock, seven days a week, with a guaranteed 15-minute response time. Responsive support is vital to Comodo. The company relies on ServerMania’s expertise to build and deploy their infrastructure and to handle any issues that may arise before they impact users of Comodo’s cybersecurity services.

Cost-effective infrastructure

ServerMania’s platform is built with modern enterprise- grade server hardware, but costs significantly less than equivalent technology from other vendors. ServerMania customers benefit from the most reliable hardware without paying a huge premium.

Remote hands

Comodo values ServerMania’s remote hands service, which acts as Comodo’s “on-site IT team” in ServerMania’s data centers. Each of ServerMania’s remote hands technicians is an experienced server and network administrator. In contrast to many infrastructure hosts, ServerMania remote hands are highly skilled. They play a key role in helping Comodo to resolve issues, maintain hardware, and implement configuration changes — ensuring that the infrastructure is always able to fulfill Comodo’s business requirements.

100% network uptime SLA

ServerMania’s 100% Network Uptime SLA is a key benefit. Comodo’s customers rely on the round-the-clock availability of Comodo applications, services, and support: the security of their business depends on it.

ServerMania’s highly-redundant, custom-made networking hardware empowers the company to offer a 100% Network Uptime Service Level Agreement. Comodo can rely on ServerMania to keep its servers and email services online.


When we asked Comodo what they loved most about ServerMania, they highlighted three capabilities that made us their ideal infrastructure hosting partner.

  • We respond to and fulfill Comodo’s queries quickly.
  • We provide professional hardware and network infrastructure consultancy and support.
  • Unlike many infrastructure hosts, ServerMania’s remote hands service is effective, reliable, and trustworthy.

ServerMania is more than a server hosting provider. We are here to augment customer IT capabilities, empowering their business with flexible, reliable, and inexpensive infrastructure backed by unmatched enterprise infrastructure expertise and experience.

In part, we chose ServerMania because of the costs of the machines when compared to others. You provided us with brand new hardware, so we experienced pretty low amount of failures, but at a lower cost than comparable products from other vendors.

DevOps Director, Comodo

Next Steps

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