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GTXGaming, a rapidly growing game server hosting provider, uses ServerMania’s dedicated servers
for fast server deployment and unbeatable support.

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As the business expanded into the US, it needed to find a North American infrastructure provider with the capacity to deploy large numbers of dedicated servers with short lead-times. The new hosting provider had to be willing to work closely with the GTXGaming team and be capable of supporting the low-latency, high-performance experience the business had built its reputation on — all at a price in-line with the competitive game server market.



GTXGaming is an internationally renowned game server hosting provider. Founded as a side project by UK gamer and CEO Matthew Griffin in 2007, GTXGaming’s mission is to provide game server hosting customers with the best support and user experience in the industry.

The company grew quickly, adding three employees in its first year. In the intervening years, GTXGaming has become a global name in the game server space, offering unbeatable low-latency dedicated server hosting for dozens of games.

GTXGaming flourished in a highly competitive niche because of its commitment to building the ultimate hardware and software platform for game hosting.

We needed a US host that was both reliable and cost effective. ServerMania fulfilled both of these criteria

Matthew Griffin, CEO GTX Gaming


After an exhaustive search of US infrastructure providers, GTXGaming approached ServerMania, attracted by our ability to quickly deploy cutting-edge dedicated servers in multiple locations and our commitment to proactive support.

The one-on-one support was particularly important to GTXGaming.

With demanding and technically astute customers, the company’s support and IT teams needed to be certain they could quickly resolve any issues that might arise with their US infrastructure.

We worked one to one with an account manager from the beginning. ServerMania has been able to tailor their platform to our needs perfectly and offer us exactly what we needed in multiple locations throughout the US.

Matthew Griffin, CEO GTX Gaming


Working with a ServerMania account manager, GTXGaming’s tech team decided to base their US presence on our SSD-equipped dedicated servers, which are tailor-made to offer unbeatable performance for the most demanding games.

In close consultation with customers, we can customize our dedicated servers to suit a diverse range of requirements.

All of our dedicated servers include enterprise-grade hardware for optimal reliability, and are available with up to 512 GB of RAM, and up to 2 TB of SSD storage, making them the perfect choice for hosting games with large graphics assets that must be delivered at the lowest possible latencies.


One of the key differences between ServerMania and competing infrastructure providers is our geographically diverse portfolio of facilities. With a presence in world-class data centers in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and Montreal — each of which provides multiple redundant connections to Tier 1 bandwidth providers — we’re capable of offering a superb low-latency gaming experience to GTXGaming customers and their users.

A key factor in GTXGaming’s decision to use ServerMania’s dedicated server platform was our ability to quickly deploy as many dedicated servers as the company needs to host its game servers.

Because demand for game servers is variable, it difficult for GTXGaming to predict when it will need to scale. Many server hosting providers simply don’t have the stock available for the short-term deployment of dozens of servers.

ServerMania provides fast support, great uptime, reasonable pricing, and, most importantly, scalability. They seem to be able to provide us with as many servers as we need, whether that’s 10 new dedicated servers in one week or 50.

Matthew Griffin, CEO GTX Gaming


At ServerMania, we have more than enough capacity to comfortably support GTXGaming’s scaling demands. With ServerMania’s support, GTXGaming’s team are able to offer the premium game server hosting experience demanded by a discerning and rapidly growing US user-base.

To conclude, here’s what GTXGaming’s CEO said when we asked how ServerMania has helped him and his team to better serve their customers:

We are now able to offer US customers the low prices they deserve with amazing uptime and fast stock resourcing when we reach capacity, all thanks to the amazing support at ServerMania

Matthew Griffin, CEO GTX Gaming