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IT Tailors Case Study

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IT Tailors is a Canadian company which focuses on providing personalized and tailored business hosting solutions to a wide array of clients. IT Tailors delivers a comprehensive lineup of hosting services, including:

  • Cloud Services
  • Business Email
  • Linux / Windows Hosting
  • Domain Registration

The IT Tailors mission is to “work with the needs and requirements of your business and give you an individualized flexible solution that accommodates your business today.” They are focused on developing solutions that anticipate future growth to help streamline infrastructure costs.

IT Tailors’ flagship product is the BCLOUD. This product is an online service with secure access to applications and databases through an advanced technology called Live cloud computing. When IT Tailors started developing the BCLOUD, they wanted to find a server partner that could help them reach a global audience. This process began with a server consultation with ServerMania.

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Web Hosting / Cloud Servers

Ontario, Canada


Principal Market Segments Served:

  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Enterprise


When searching for a new server provider, IT Tailors was primarily concerned with finding a provider that was able to deliver exceptional customer service and high-end hardware that could accommodate global customer needs.

IT Tailors realized that in order to stay competitive with a global reach of customers, they needed to deploy their BCLOUD using the latest enterprise-grade technologies in a managed data center. Ordering, building, and deploying physical servers was not the core competency of IT Tailors, so they decided to consider partnering with ServerMania for their data center needs.

IT Tailors needed a server partner that could:

  • Deliver exceptional customer service
  • Provide scalable hardware and cutting edge technologies
  • Deploy the latest enterprise-grade servers with a focus on processing speed and data transfer, such as NVMe drives

Above all, IT Tailors needed a server partner who utilized only the best data centers and network routes so that their customers could have access to a reliable network experience at an affordable bandwidth cost.

But finding a vendor who can deliver on their unique requirements proved to be a challenge. IT Tailors was faced with lots of empty promises and false information. They also found it difficult to find a provider who would take the time to sit down with them and listen to their needs.

After reviewing their server options, IT Tailors chose ServerMania as a trusted service partner for their business.
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As a cloud service provider, we were looking for scalable hardware, cutting edge technologies for processing power and data transfer speed, and a reliable data center with the best internet speed and bandwidth cost. ServerMania has surpassed my teams expectations on every level.

Yeha Saleh, Owner IT Tailors


IT Tailors chose to leverage ServerMania’s global server solutions in order to solve the business challenges that no other server provider was able to.

The Partnership

In order to determine if we were able to deliver the quality of service that IT Tailors demanded, ServerMania’s Customer Success Team worked directly with the company to assess their needs.

Customer service was one of the initial challenges that IT Tailors faced when selecting a server vendor for their BCLOUD service, and ServerMania proved that we were a cut above the rest in this regard.

IT Tailors was immediately paired with a dedicated account manager from our Customer Success team and we began exploring customized server options.

A Wide Range of Global Server Solutions

As their name suggests, IT Tailors was looking for a server partner who could help them tailor IT solutions for their clients by having access to a variety of hardware configurations in managed data centers throughout the world.

ServerMania was able to provide IT Tailors with a global network of server solutions, from dedicated servers to managed services and IP transit in order for them to be able to scale based on their exact needs.

IT Tailors was also able to increase their profits as they could now serve a larger and more diverse range of clients and focus their time on product design and development rather than building servers.

The fact that we have a wealth of physical hardware options to build our solution, to best suit our clients needs was a major plus from ServerMania. It’s also great to have the variety in terms of data centers in Canada, USA, Europe, and New Zealand which has made ServerMania our #1 choice.

Yeha Saleh, Owner IT Tailors

The Server Deployment Process

IT Tailors was immediately impressed with the real-time inventory system that is in place on our website, which shows clients a complete listing of all available servers in our data centers worldwide.

This system also provided IT Tailors with the opportunity to customize any element of the server, including the latest NVMe drives in order to increase performance on the IT Tailors BCLOUD interface.

Receiving the latest cutting edge hardware enabled IT Tailors to provide custom cloud solutions for various clients with diverse needs and sizes, from a programming firm that wants to have cloud capabilities in order to become a global provider, to a small business wanting to centralise their data from multiple locations to increase management efficiency.

“The process of deployment of our servers from ServerMania is nothing short of comprehensive and flawless. Talking live with our account manager who is ready to hear our idea and proposed hardware needs, ServerMania will work tirelessly with us to optimize the best solution for us. They never miss any due dates promised and provide a well outlined and easy to read quote.”

Yeha Saleh - Owner, IT Tailors Canada

Dedicated Account Management

Excellent support was one of the critical features that IT Tailors was looking for in a vendor.

Dedicated Account Managers are available to each and every ServerMania customer to ensure they always have a trusted ally who understands their business needs and can help anticipate future server requirements.

“From day one, the service provided by ServerMania is the reason we never even thought to look for another provider. I still remember the first phone call with ServerMania after 18 months of searching the market to deploy our solution and 4 years of development. Our account manager talked with such care and made me feel like I was talking with someone willing to go the extra mile to ensure our needs are met. 5 years later and ServerMania still maintains this level of service.”

Yeha Saleh - Owner, IT Tailors Canada

What Advice Does IT Tailors have for another company about to embark on a similar project?

My advice to other companies looking for true hardware solutions with world-class customer service, look no further. We made ServerMania our trusted provider and a great partner in the success of our journey. They provide great pricing, clear and upfront quotes with plenty of professional advice, reliable cutting edge solutions, and accountable support Each of these elements make ServerMania a great choice.

Yeha Saleh, Owner IT Tailors


ServerMania was able to provide a personalized approach to service that no other provider was able to deliver to IT Tailors. Through our dedicated account manager, ServerMania was able to provide IT Tailors with:

  • The latest enterprise-grade and customizable hardware
  • Reliable and affordable data center options globally
  • Personalized and accountable support

ServerMania is more than a server hosting provider. We’re here to provide you with a personalized approach to service and deliver solutions that no other provider is capable of providing. We empower your business with flexible, reliable, and inexpensive infrastructure backed by unmatched enterprise infrastructure expertise and experience.
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ServerMania is a Canadian company with over a decade of experience building high-performance infrastructure hosting platforms for businesses globally. We offer a wide range of fully customizable dedicated, hybrid, cloud, colocation and IP Transit services.

Our mission is to empower clients by equipping them with fast, reliable, innovative infrastructure hosting while upholding a 100% network uptime SLA. This is assisted by a 24x7x365 rapid response team — one with some of the best response times in the industry.

To learn more about how ServerMania can help to reduce your business’s infrastructure costs while improving reliability and performance, get in touch today.