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Visual Clinic Case Study

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About Visual Clinic

Visual Clinic®️ provides eye care clinics with cloud-based workflow management solutions that optimize resource allocation and minimize time wasted. Empowering the entire care team with an intuitive, interactive, visual management tool for continuous process improvement and a dramatically better patient experience.

Over the years, Visual Clinic has strategically leveraged advancements in technology to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to streamline eye care practices. As the digital health industry continues to evolve and gain traction, Visual Clinic has been at the forefront of innovation, continually enhancing its platform's capabilities to provide more accurate and efficient visual management and a better patient experience.

With a focus on leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a commitment to improving eye care accessibility and efficiency, Visual Clinic is poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of eye care practices.
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Newburyport, MA, United States


Principal Market Segments Served:
Operational Efficiency for Eyecare Clinics

The Visual Clinic Challenge

As the company grew, their online services became increasingly sought after by doctors and patients alike. With the nature of their global business necessitating robust networking infrastructure, there was increased strain put on their existing infrastructure and budget.

Initial Cost Concerns

This ever-growing demand for online services put Visual Clinic in a challenging situation. As their business grew, they faced significant challenges with escalating server costs and inconsistent monthly billing. The rising expenses made it difficult to establish a fixed cost for the infrastructure, impacting financial planning and budgeting.

Declining Reliability and Increasing Failures

Another major issue was the declining reliability of their previous hosting provider. As the demand on their servers grew, so did the frequency of failures and problems. These reliability issues not only increased support costs but also adversely affected client satisfaction and performance levels.

“The cost to performance ratio with ServerMania far exceeded our previous vendor and all other companies we spoke with.”

Rick Lunetta
CTO, Visual Clinic

Inadequate Performance for the Cost

Furthermore, the performance of the servers was subpar, relative to the expenses incurred. The high cost of the servers was not justified by the performance they delivered, necessitating limitations on server loads. This compromised overall efficiency and increased the cost per client to unsustainable levels.

The amalgamation of these challenges prompted the company to seek a new hosting provider and transition its datacenter and client base to ServerMania in order to address and mitigate these pressing issues effectively.

Hosting Provider: Key Requirements

Cost-to-Performance Ratio

When seeking a hosting provider, Visual Clinic placed significant emphasis on achieving a favorable cost-to-performance ratio. Striking the right balance between cost and performance was crucial to meet their pre-defined client cost targets. It was imperative that the cost of the servers was justified by the level of performance delivered.

Consistent Monthly Costs

Consistency in monthly costs was another key factor in the selection process. They needed a provider that could maintain a stable and predictable monthly pricing structure. Fluctuations in costs on a monthly basis were deemed undesirable and made budgeting and financial planning challenging.

Reliability and Support

Visual Clinic prioritized reliability and robust support. Minimizing service interruptions was paramount, and when interruptions did occur, swift and efficient resolution was expected. The goal was to maintain uninterrupted service to clients to the greatest extent possible.

“We have a very specific cost-to-performance metric. While our goal has always been consistent it was not achievable until we deployed to ServerMania. That ratio is critical to our success and ServerMania was instrumental in helping us to achieve it.”

Rick Lunetta
CTO, Visual Clinic

Swift and Effective Issue Resolution

Prompt issue resolution was also essential. They needed the assurance that any server issues or networking problems that they encountered would be swiftly addressed. Beyond the immediate fix, they sought a provider that could take proactive steps to prevent similar problems in the future, instilling confidence in the stability and reliability of their services.

These pivotal features and capabilities were the fundamental criteria that Visual Clinic looked for in a hosting provider, shaping their decision-making process and influencing their ultimate choice for a reliable and efficient server partner.


Long-Term Strategic Alignment

In their quest for a new server vendor, Visual Clinic had a clear vision: they sought a long-term partnership, not just a transactional relationship. Their primary concern was finding a vendor invested in mutual success, prioritizing collaborative solutions and considering both parties' interests equally. The aim was to cultivate a partnership akin to how they valued their relationship with clients—based on respect, shared goals, and a commitment to success.

A Focus on Mutual Success

They emphasized the importance of finding a vendor willing to engage in a symbiotic relationship. They sought a partner genuinely interested in forging a path that led to success for both entities. This wasn't merely a one-sided pursuit of benefit; rather, it was about finding a provider invested in the prosperity of their company and willing to work collaboratively to achieve shared objectives.

Mutual Respect & Partnership

Mutual respect and a true spirit of partnership were non-negotiable aspects for Visual Clinic. They held the belief that a partnership should embody respect, understanding, and a genuine desire for each party's prosperity. Just as they treated their clients with care and respect, they sought the same level of consideration and collaboration from their hosting partner.

Throughout their selection process, these guiding principles remained at the forefront, steering them towards a vendor that aligned with their values and aspirations. The process was not without its challenges, but their dedication to finding a true long-term partner propelled them forward, ultimately leading to a successful partnership with ServerMania, a truly professional hosting company that matched their desired criteria.

What advice does Visual Clinic have for other companies about to embark on a similar project?


Visual Clinic’s advice to any business undertaking a similar hosting project is to approach the endeavor with careful planning and clear communication. Take your time in the pre-project phase. This involves thoroughly identifying all concerns and needs related to your hosting solution. Defining precise and measurable goals for cost, performance, and timeframe is essential. These goals should serve as benchmarks to track your project's progress, ensuring that you stay on course. Share these goals with your hosting provider and ensure they agree that your objectives are both realistic and achievable. Unrealistic expectations can lead to project failure and undue stress.

Communication and Collaboration

Another important step is to engage in open discussions about your current needs and future growth expectations. Your hosting provider should be capable of meeting both your immediate and future requirements. Create a strict deployment schedule and stick to it diligently.

Collaboration is key—ensure that your hosting provider is willing and able to work closely and cooperatively with you and your other business partners. Fully discuss your expectations and meticulously design the end result. This includes identifying servers, their configurations, IP addresses, and naming conventions, as well as all other infrastructure components. The design should be reviewed with all parties involved to confirm its feasibility and reliability.

Finally, assign specific tasks to each person involved in the project, along with a clear order of execution. Commitment to these responsibilities is vital. Once all these elements are in place, and everyone is aligned on costs and responsibilities, the project deployment can commence with confidence. This strategic and thorough approach will set the project on a path to success and minimize potential challenges.
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“ServerMania worked closely with us and our vendors to get everything configured to our exact specifications. They supported us throughout the process and made sure everything was working correctly before releasing it to us.”

Rick Lunetta
CTO, Visual Clinic


ServerMania helped address critical concerns for Visual Clinic, which included spiraling server costs, declining reliability, and inadequate server performance. By switching to ServerMania, they achieved an acceptable cost-to-performance ratio, consistent monthly costs, and high reliability with minimal service interruptions.

Visual Clinic sought a long-term partnership and found ServerMania to be an ideal partner that offered the reliability and performance of physical servers combined with the scalability and flexibility of cloud servers. ServerMania worked diligently to configure infrastructure hardware to exact specifications and provided excellent support during and after the deployment process.

In terms of service level, ServerMania's responsive and effective support, especially during downtime situations, left the Visual Clinic feeling confident in the partnership, as they not only resolved issues quickly but also took steps to prevent them in the future. This partnership approach has set ServerMania apart from other vendors and instilled confidence in Visual Clinic’s future success.

ServerMania was able to provide Visual Clinic with:
  • Unmatched pricing and high-availability server solutions
  • Responsive and effective support, 24/7
  • Reliability and performance of both physical and virtual infrastructure
ServerMania is more than a server hosting provider. We offer highly reliable infrastructure and custom packages to meet all your needs, whether you host your own colocation servers, or lease from one of our world class data centers. We offer a personalized approach to service and delivery, with solutions to help your business succeed.

Everything we do is aimed at empowering your business with flexible, reliable, and affordable infrastructure, backed by unmatched expertise and experience.


ServerMania is a Canadian company with over a decade of experience building high-performance infrastructure hosting platforms for businesses globally. We offer a wide range of fully customizable dedicated, hybrid, cloud, colocation, IP Transit, and server cluster services.

Our mission is to empower clients by equipping them with fast, reliable, innovative infrastructure hosting while upholding a 100% network uptime SLA. This is assisted by a 24x7x365 rapid response team — one with some of the best response times in the industry.

To learn more about how ServerMania can help to reduce your business’s infrastructure costs while improving reliability and performance get in touch today.