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Cloud Instance Packages

These standard tier compute instances can handle variable levels of CPU performance, ideal for web applications and development environments.

1 GB
25 GB
1 TB
2 GB
50 GB
2 TB
4 GB
80 GB
4 TB
6 GB
100 GB
4 TB
8 GB
160 GB
5 TB
16 GB
320 GB
8 TB
32 GB
640 GB
12 TB
48 GB
12 CPU
960 GB
16 TB
64 GB
16 CPU
1.5 TB
20 TB
96 GB
20 CPU
2 TB
20 TB
128 GB
24 CPU
3 TB
20 TB


Our Cloud Servers are engineered to deliver high-availability and high-performance for even the most demanding projects. Here’s how we do it:

Complete Redundancy

Every component of the ServerMania Cloud hosting experience is redundant across CPU processing, storage, networking, backup, and more. Each element of the Cloud platform is designed to deliver high-availability and remain operational in the event of hardware failure. As a self-healing Cloud, resources will automatically re-deploy as needed to ensure optimal performance and uptime.

Flexible and Scalable

Long gone are the days of paying for server resources sitting idle and having to predict future growth when selecting server hardware. With ServerMania Cloud hosting, you can instantly scale up resources whenever your business needs change. This means increased operational efficiency as you only need to pay for what you’re using today.

Reduced Infrastructure Costs

As an evolving business knows, it’s difficult to forecast server expenses when you are constantly having to build and deploy new servers. Building servers is not only time consuming, but investing in hardware that will need to be rapidly replaced is a losing proposition. With ServerMania Cloud hosting, you have no up-front hardware costs and you only pay for the resources you need. Server billing is predictable and you pay once the month is complete.

Easy to Manage

While the technology behind Cloud hosting is complex, managing Cloud hosting doesn’t have to be. Unlike other providers, we focus on delivering a server management experience that is as easy to use as possible, while still providing the advanced system management tools you need.


Unlike other Cloud providers, we don’t believe in charging extra for support or keeping it gated behind confusing management portals. As your server partner, our support team is always accessible to you. With ServerMania you can always count on:

24x7 Expert Support
Contact us via live chat, email or phone
Affordable Server Management Options
15 Minute Response Times

Not all clouds are created equal

Modern businesses depend on a wider range of IT infrastructure now more than ever.

When implementing our cloud hosting solution, we made it our mission to keep it simple, even for non-experts. Our platform offers a cost-effective and secure public cloud to businesses of all sizes.

Why Use the ServerMania Public Cloud

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Only pay for the server resources you need and switch plans as needed.

Scale Resources Instantly

Add more CPU, RAM, or storage at any time through our easy to use control panel.

Rapidly Deploy New Servers

Tired of waiting for a new server deployment? Spin up a new Cloud instance in seconds.

Reduce Time Managing Servers

Our easy to use control panel gives you complete access to manage all servers in just a few clicks.

Automate Server Tasks

Automate server management and provisioning using server templates and our robust API.

Increase Server Uptime

Every cloud hosting package is connected to redundant power, networking, CPU, storage, and RAM.

ServerMania Cloud Use Cases

  • E-Commerce Businesses
  • SaaS / Application Hosting
  • Small Business

E-Commerce Businesses

Server downtime and latency can destroy even the most resilient E-Commerce retailers. Customer experience and confidence are critical in order to build a long-lasting brand. The cornerstone of this experience should be based on the best Cloud servers, designed for high-availability and performance. This will ensure optimal uptime and site loading times while giving E-Commerce businesses the option to easily scale during a large sale.

5 stars

ServerMania: Trusted By Thousands of Organizations of All Shapes and Sizes

“ServerMania’s 24/7 support service is outstanding. I haven’t seen any other provider even coming close. What’s more, ServerMania always approaches problems in a positive manner. Every staff member I have encountered always made me feel that I was their priority.”

DevOps Director
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Frequently Asked Questions

+What is Cloud Hosting & how does it work?

A cloud hosting server is a virtual server which is hosted in a remote data center. Cloud hosting servers are made up of a collection of individual servers to form a self-healing and high-availability hosting platform. Cloud web hosting has the advantage of being highly reliable based on this configuration, and also allows users to instantly create new servers and scale up resources as needed.

+Why would I choose Cloud hosting over shared hosting or another hosting option?

Cloud hosting plans are the ideal choice for applications which need rapid server deployment, API integration, or that need to quickly scale to meet a surge in demand. A Cloud hosting provider can help reduce infrastructure costs by allowing you to only pay for the resources you are using today, but Dedicated Servers are still a good option for stable applications or for applications that demand large amounts of CPU processing or RAM. As well, unlike shared hosting, Cloud hosting provides

+Which is the best cloud hosting plan for my needs?

The best cloud hosting plan depends entirely on the resources needed to run the applications you plan to use on the server. This can be ascertained by researching the minimum server requirements recommended by the developer. As well, cloud hosting services can be scaled up to increase CPU, RAM,

+Can I upgrade or downgrade my server at any time?

Cloud hosting with ServerMania can be scaled up or down at any time. However, if a plan is scaled up and you allocate the increased disk space to the container, the container can no longer be scaled down as this would destroy data on the server.

+How many dedicated IP addresses are available?

Each cloud hosting plans includes 1 dedicated IP address. Additional dedicated IP addresses can be added to the server cloud hosting at any time using our control panel. Each dedicated IP address can also be reassigned to different Cloud instances or configured with unique networking configurations. Unlike shared web hosting or Hybrid web hosting, Cloud servers are similar to dedicated web hosting in that they can be configured with a high number of IP addresses easily.

+How many CPU cores are available?

We’ve designed our packages to deliver the best cloud hosting services possible. Each hosting plan includes 1 to a maximum of 24 CPU cores. Custom hosting plans can be configured for users who may require more resources by contacting our sales team. However, users can easily spin up multiple cloud hosting plans if they can split up tasks between two servers.

+Do you offer backup options for Cloud web hosting?

As a cloud servers provider, ServerMania is committed to providing the tools you need to handle every aspect of server management. We have server backup solutions ranging from 250GB in storage up to 2TB and beyond.

+What support is included?

Unlike other cloud hosting providers, we don’t believe in hiding support behind confusing control panels or as a paid service. Our support team is available for free 24x7 to help you navigate the cloud control panel, understand the server deployment process, and use any features of our Cloud platform. Cloud containers are unmanaged by default and you are responsible for any system activities, but we offer managed solutions for those looking for extra help.

+Why should I choose ServerMania as a Cloud hosting provider?

ServerMania has been empowering businesses with global hosting solutions since 2002. We have the experience, tools, and passion to connect you with the right hosting products for your business. Compared to other hosting providers, our mission is to deliver a complete but not complex Cloud hosting experience. That’s why we’ve made our Cloud panel as easy to use as possible, and we provide free, easy to access support 24x7.

+How are Cloud servers billed?

During the signup process, you will be required to enter your credit card details. After verifying, a temporary USD $50 hold will appear on your account, which will be released by your financial institution soon after completing sign up.

You will receive an invoice each month based on the number of servers and resources you have used. Cloud servers are billed per hour and per month, so you can create and destroy instances while only paying for the time you have used.

Trial users, don’t worry: you will not be billed after your 10 day trial, unless you upgrade to a paid server plan.

+How much does bandwidth cost?

Every Cloud server contains a bandwidth allotment included in the monthly cost of the server. For example, the $5/month plan contains 1000GB of bandwidth. Each additional GB of bandwidth is $0.01 per GB.
On hourly server plans, for every hour the Instance exists during the month, whether it's powered on or not, it will earn 1/<hours in a month> of its total bandwidth allowance up to the package limit. Any bandwidth used above this amount will be charged at $0.01 per GB.

+Am I charged when the Cloud server is powered off?

Yes, you are charged when the Cloud server is powered off because of storage and monthly bandwidth costs. You can destroy a server at any time in order to stop paying for it.

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