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“ServerMania has enabled us to achieve 100% network and power uptime this past year ensuring we provide our clients with the best possible Uptime Monitoring services available.”

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ServerMania Cloud Servers ensures the security and availability of your mission critical data.

Public Cloud

Shared infrastructure cloud hosting platform. Rapid scaling, deployment & decommissioning.

Optimal for web servers, server clusters, continuous integration servers, SaaS application hosting, development, testing, staging version control and more.

  • Easily scalable
  • Instant failover recovery
  • Lightning fast SSD

Private Cloud

Custom cloud servers tailored to your business. Comprehensive control, isolation, and privacy.

Optimal for high performance infrastructures, business critical workloads, specialty hardware or configuration requirements, governance or regulatory requirements.

  • Custom cloud design
  • Instant failover recovery
  • SSD or SATA SAN storage
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Benefits of choosing the Cloud

Reduce Costs

One of the major benefits of cloud servers is the ability to increase CPU, memory, and disk resources instantly. This means you only pay for additional resources when you need them, reducing operational costs significantly.

Industry-Leading Reliability

Full server, storage, and backup redundancy with automatic failover lets us confidently guarantee 100% availability on the best cloud server hosting platform. All of which are backed by our 24x7x365 north-american support team.

Infinitely Scalable

Cloud Hosting allows you to instantly add or remove servers as needed for complete scalability. This ensures your online services function optimally by giving you the ability to automatically add servers when demand is high, and remove servers when demand decreases.

Get Maximum Levels of Support With Server Management

Essential Server Management

This is the perfect option for those looking for setup assistance, but would like to handle the bulk of cloud server management themselves.

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Empowered Server Management

We'll manage migrations, backups and proactively monitor your cloud server hosting 24x7 to ensure every aspect of your server is regularly running smoothly.

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Our Cloud Hosting Has You Covered

Harness the power of OpenStack for fast server deployments and no-stress server management while paying less than with a traditional cloud vendor!

Sleep easy in the knowledge that your company's vital infrastructure is in the best hands. Our zero downtime platform with proactive uptime and cloud server performance monitoring means no more late-night dashes to the data center.


Reasons For Building Your Own Cloud

Learn how experts use the cloud.

Learn 6 Secrets to Building a Successful Cloud Infrastructure.

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