Private Cloud

Highest-performance infrastructure to ensure the security and availability of your mission-critical data.

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How Private Cloud Benefits Your Business

Choose a private cloud when security, control and performance are your top priority. Private clouds feature 100% dedicated and isolated resources for mission critical business applications.

100% Uptime SLA

Full server, storage, and backup redundancy with automatic failover lets us confidently guarantee 100% availability. A private cloud is ideal for mission critical business applications that need to be online 24x7.

Cost Effective

A private cloud will help your business maximize the value of its infrastructure investment. Our platform is substantially more cost-effective than physical infrastructure or traditional public cloud platforms.

100% Secure & Efficient

The private cloud features dedicated resources that are physically isolated across network, compute, and storage layers. This makes a private cloud fully dedicated to you with absolutely no shared resources.

Private Cloud Includes

Dedicated Account Manager

Here to help you design the perfect private cloud and advocate for your needs to ensure you receive the best possible support experience.

24x7x365 Expert Support

Our team of professional support engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will work with you and your account manager to quickly resolve any server concerns.

DDoS Protection

Our private cloud includes enterprise-grade Distributed Denial of Service mitigation technologies to keep your website online in the event of an attack.

Custom Network security

We offer full access to a hardware firewall with custom rules and port control. Private cloud users can create private network segments.

State-of-the-art data center

Private clouds have access to a 10 Gb/s back-end network with redundant bandwidth from multiple Tier 1 providers.

Secured Data

All data is stored on high-availability SAN Storage Servers equipped with fast SSD or SATA DRIVES to ensure low-latency access and constant availability.

Enterprise-Grade Hardware

Each of our servers features only the latest enterprise-grade components, built by one of our certified technicians then put through a series of stress tests prior to provisioning, ensuring servers constantly operate at peak performance.

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Essential Server Management

This is the perfect option for those looking for setup assistance, but would like to handle the bulk of cloud server management themselves.

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Empowered Server Management

We'll manage migrations, backups and proactively monitor your cloud server hosting 24x7 to ensure every aspect of your server is regularly running smoothly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

+What is the difference between Public Cloud and Private Cloud?

Public Cloud servers are shared by multiple users and designed to be the most useful for the widest array of applications. Private Cloud servers are utilized by a single client and are custom designed for the application that the cloud will be used for.

+Why might I select a cloud server over a dedicated server?

Cloud servers are an affordable alternative to dedicated servers. They offer the ability to instantly provision new servers and scale resources as you need them.

+Can I run a custom operating system or kernel on Cloud servers?

Yes, you can use the console to load a custom ISO or kernel to your server.

+Are Cloud servers oversold like traditional VPS hosting?

We do not over-sell Cloud servers. There are limits in place to prevent abusive users from overloading your Cloud server.

+How does the Cloud compare to other virtual hosted services?

Hybrids cannot support full virtualization technologies like KVM or VMware, however running OpenVZ is supported with little performance overhead.

+Can I host high CPU/RAM game servers in the cloud?

Yes, please note that there is a set limit per CPU and also you only have access to the amount of CPU cores that you pay for.

+Does the cloud offer bare metal backup and restore?

Yes, you can take snapshot images of your instance and restore them at any time.

Common Use Cases

Just a few cases we've built solutions for.

Regulation Compliant Servers

Private cloud servers are completely isolated from one another, making them the perfect choice for applications that require regulation compliance such as HIPAA or PCI compliance hosting. These servers provide total control to allow you to reach compliance within your industry.

Enterprise Mail Server Hosting

The most reliable mail servers are built in a clustered environment where each element of the mail server process is spread across many servers. ServerMania’s Cloud Servers provide even the largest businesses with the capacity to deploy large-scale message storage nodes, SMTP relays, and mail nodes within minutes. Features like 10Gbit connections and top-tier global connections make this product the perfect fit for large mail server hosting.

Clustered Web Server Hosting

Mission critical websites need their content stored in a server cluster to guarantee optimal uptime. Website developers can utilize our API to automatically provision new servers to keep up with website demand. Every component of the ServerMania Cloud Server is redundantly configured and website content is delivered on blazing fast SSD storage arrays ensuring the best performance for web servers.

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