Colocation Servers

Your privately-owned servers and equipment secured in a top-tier data center.


Our next-generation data center facilities allow businesses to grow without constraint.

New York City Metro

Developed from the ground up with a focus on low-latency connectivity and high redundancy, ServerMania’s NYC Data Center is a 360,000 sq ft. tier 4 data center located in the heart of New York City Metro.

  • 360,000 sq. ft. of total space
  • Carrier neutral
  • High bandwidth capacity
  • Tier 4 data center

With direct fiber connections to both New York City and Toronto, this strategically-located facility is guaranteed to give you an awesome return on your investment.

  • Hydro-electric capabilities
  • Tier 1 network providers
  • Central location
  • Excellent Connectivity
Los Angeles

ServerMania's Los Angeles data center delivers unparalleled connectivity for businesses looking to reach users in the United States as well as Asia. This south-western location features direct conduit access to 1 Wilshire’s Meet-Me-Room.

  • 22,000 Sqft Data Center
  • Redundant power connections
  • Low-latency connectivity to Asia
  • Secure design

This Tier 3 data center has the capacity for up to 4000 cabinets, 50 Megawatts of power, and 9 data halls. With unmatched capacity, our Montreal facility gives your business the room to scale to any size.

  • Innovative PoD Design
  • Central location
  • Power Ready
  • Disaster Ready

ServerMania's London data centre delivers exceptional connectivity to Europe and beyond. This Tier-4 data centre is double redundant across all power, networking, and cooling.

  • Tier 4 facility
  • N+N power redundancy
  • Optimized for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East
  • High bandwidth capacity


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We’re a managed colocation provider designed to prepare your infrastructure needs for today and tomorrow.

Next-Gen Facilities

Enterprise-Grade hardware
Hundreds of Gbps of Connectivity
The highest level of security
Green Powered Facilities


High Density Power & Cooling Ability
4 data centers across North America
SSAE16 Type II & SAS70 Type II
100% Uptime SLA


Safe Harbor Certified
Level 1 PCI Service Provider
Multi-homed, redunant network
CDSA Certified


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Managed and Unmanaged Colocation Options

Frequently Asked Questions

+Do you offer any colocation managed services?

For those looking for managed colocation services, we offer a variety of server management plans which can be added to your colocation services with us. These plans allow us to monitor the security and uptime of your server and provide server support when you need technical assistance. Colocation managed by ServerMania can be setup by conting our sales team.

+Why would I choose to colocate in one of your data centers?

ServerMania has decades of experience providing server hosting solutions in the cloud to companies of all sizes. We have the expertise and infrastructure available to ensure your colocation experience is reliable and affordable. Colocating a server in a data center means that your hardware and investment is protected in a secure facility, and accessible on top-tier network routes.

+How is bandwidth billed for colocation?

Bandwidth is billed at the 95th percentile. Also called “burstable billing”, 95th percentile billing allows for a server to be billed based on the average bandwidth usage for 95% of the month. During the other 5% of the month, the server may exceed the average without suffering any additional costs.

+How much bandwidth is included with each colocation plan?

We will provide a custom quote based on the port speed and bandwidth requirements of your project as well as the data center selected. This will be billed at the 95th percentile.

+Are remote hands available?

Yes, we offer remote hands support in each data center for an additional fee with our managed colocation plans. As a colocation provider, we are committed to providing you with all the tools and services you need to manage your servers with us.

+Is there a maximum wattage for each colocation cabinet?

The maximum wattage that a managed colocation rack can carry will vary depending on the electrical feeds being supplied and managed to the cabinet as well as various other factors. Depending on the installed equipment, a typical rack’s wattage will range from 2-3 kW.

+How many IP addresses are included?

By default we include a /29 range with each servers colocation. However, we can offer additional IP ranges depending on your needs.

+What is the network port speed?

Our default data center network port speed is 1Gbps. Depending on your requirements, larger port speed can potentially be allocated accordingly. Talk to one of our colocation experts for more information.

+Are there any racking or setup fees?

Our sales team will review your requirements and advise on any racking or additional data center fees. This will be included in any quote to you so that you have complete pricing information.

+What is your network uptime guarantee?

We offer a 100% network uptime guarantee with all of our managed colocation plans.

+Do you have staff on-site 24x7?

Each of our data centers is staffed 24x7 by security and managed support technicians.

+Do I need to setup a contract with my own network provider, or can this be arranged by you?

If you’re looking for a quick setup time without having to worry about finding a network provider, ServerMania can quote and provision our enterprise-grade transit to your managed colocation package. This is a great pairing to any of our colocation solutions!

+Are there any rules or regulations in regards to acceptable hardware being racked in the facility?

Outside of power consumption and limitations, any equipment that is designed to be mounted inside a cabinet that leverages standard rack units is acceptable on our colocation racks. We don’t support devices designed for cryptocurrency mining at this time.

+What power configuration options do you offer?

ome of the common power configurations we offer in our data centers include 20amp/120V and 30amp/230V. When choosing an energy configuration, careful consideration should be given to current and future forecasted energy consumption.

+How many cross-connects are included per cabinet and do you offer additional cross-connects if needed?

Cross connects are not offered as part of our standard offering and are subject to data center availability. Our sales team can provide pricing information to you when you cont us.

+Is there a minimum and/or maximum power draw for Colo?

We can accommodate a wide variety of power requirements in both of our data centers. Cont our team with your exact specifications and we can likely accommodate your needs.

+Can an Internal connection among multiple cabinets in the same data center be setup?

Yes, this is quite possible. One of our data center engineers can assist you in determining the best course of action when it comes to creating internal connections between cabinets on our managed colocation service.

+How can I calculate my servers max energy draw?

This depends on many things including CPU configuration/efficiency, number and type of installed hard drives, expansion cards, server load/purpose, etc. Consult your hardware manufacturer and/or reseller for advice on ascertaining your system’s peak energy draw.