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Availability. Integrity. Confidentiality.

ServerMania has been focused on keeping your information safe and secure since 2002. We use only the best hardware and carefully adhere to industry best practices to deliver the best server experience for your business.

  Physical Security  Account Security  Network Security       Server Security     Application Security

Physical security: All servers are housed in secured data center facilities that are staffed by ServerMania engineers 24/7.

Account security: Our security team monitors your systems and accounts for threats and vulnerabilities 24/7/365.

Network Security: Our networks are locked down on multiple logical layers using a variety of methods, including private networking.

Server security: We have protection, monitoring and app patching in place to ward off server attacks.

Application security: We deliver unparalleled intrusion detection and visibility to our customers protect their applications.

Datacenter Security

security data center

Our facilities are SAS70 Type II certified; ensuring our processes and procedures meet, or exceed the strictest standards. We provide 24/7/365 physical security staffing, with a team of highly trained officers present at all times.

We equip our facilities with dual-factor authentication systems requiring keycard and biometric scanning. Bullet-resistant protection is present at security check-in, as well as Level III Security walls and doors for added resistance.

Network Operations Security

security operations

Our Network Operations Center team reacts immediately to all security and performance concerns, ensuring the situation is rectified as quickly as possible to prevent any downtime.

We often resolve network service interruptions or performance degradation before they are noticed by your clients or employees. We provide secure services you can depend on!

Network Security

security network

Our Juniper MX960 routers serve as a proactive measure to fulfill our 100% network uptime SLA, even in the face of ever-evolving network security threats.

These routers deliver full redundancy across our entire network and are easily saleable to ensure we have the capacity to handle unexpected traffic surges with ease.

Server Security

security server

ServerMania provides highly skilled personnel in the data center at all times. Our technicians guarantee that the servers are constantly optimized to ensure availability and stability.

In the event of a technical incident, our team is only steps or a mouse click away.

Generators on Stand-by

security generators

ServerMania ensures your systems and data don’t get derailed by short or long-term outages on area power grids. Our backup generators are powered by alternative energy sources. They are configured to quickly react, and sustain our data centers through extended outages (up to 100 hours) in case of critical situations.

Uninterrupted Power Supplies

security power

It is vital for data centers to have an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to ensure round-the-clock operations and business continuity. The 2x APC Galaxy VM’s are Schneider Electric’s latest, three-phase UPS that provide power protection, as well as maximum energy efficiency.

Fire Detection & Suppression

security fire shield

Our facilities are equipped with laser-based, very early smoke detection.

Our suppression system is a 2-stage, pre-action zoned dry-pipe with vesda system capable for 40,000 sq ft.