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cPanel Dedicated Server Hosting

A powerful web hosting control panel on servers trusted by web hosting companies worldwide.


ServerMania cPanel dedicated servers are optimized to deliver exceptional cPanel hosting performance. Our dedicated hosting solutions are trusted by web hosting companies of all sizes that demand the best service and performance for their clients.

One Click Install

Select cPanel / WHM during checkout and your dedicated server will be deployed with the cPanel / WHM control panel by our expert support team.

cPanel licenses will need to be ordered from cPanel.

Customized Hardware

Request a quote to receive a customized cPanel server solution that is perfectly tailored for your web hosting needs and budget. You have total control over your dedicated server hardware configurations.

Personalized Support

Dedicated Account Managers and our 24x7 support fleet provide you with the service you need to meet your business objectives. We’re cPanel experts and can help navigate any cPanel related issue with ease.


cPanel interface

Automated Provisioning

cPanel / WHM user accounts can be automatically deployed on any dedicated server using popular billing software such as WHMCS.

Simple Server Management

cPanel / WHM provides you with an easy to use graphical interface for managing all server operations including the web server, databases, and email.

Customer Friendly Interface

cPanel provides your users with a simple but powerful interface to manage all aspects of their web hosting experience, reducing client support requests and increasing customer satisfaction.

Stable and Secure

cPanel has been a trusted name in the web hosting industry for many years and has a large development team to ensure the platform is lightweight and secure.


Enterprise Grade Hardware

Our dedicated servers are hosted on the latest generation of Xeon servers, built using only enterprise-grade Supermicro components.

24x7 Fast and Friendly Support

Server experts are standing by to answer any questions you may have. With 15 minute response times, we have some of the fastest answers in the industry!

Integrated Cloud Backup

Every server includes 50GB of free Cloud Backup storage which can be integrated directly into cPanel for clients using the Acronis Cloud Backup plugin.

Powerful Server Management

Our Surge Control Panel software equips you with the tools you need to manage your server with built in IPMI/KVM in each server. We also have a wide variety of cPanel server management plans available.


ServerMania Dedicated Servers are expertly designed and maintained for an exceptional cPanel experience. Here are a few of our popular cPanel configurations:

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New York
Los Angeles
CPU cores
4 cores 96 cores
8 GB 512 GB
120 GB
16 TB
120 GB 16 TB
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How can ServerMania help?

If you have unique requirements, or would like us to setup the service for you, simply contact us and we will assist you.

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“If I had the resources, I would certainly move all our infrastructure from AWS to ServerMania since AWS is very expensive to operate and lacks the customer service ServerMania has provided. ServerMania provides you the unique experience that you have been longing for.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

+What is cPanel hosting?

cPanel / WHM is an incredibly popular control panel software interface used to provide web hosting to clients on servers. It provides a graphical interface for users of all experience levels to manage their own website hosting features such as adding domains, email accounts, etc. This control panel makes it easy for web hosting providers to support their users as it is a familiar and easy to use interface.

+What Operating Systems does cPanel support?

In order to run cPanel / WHM on a dedicated server, you will need to order the server with CentOS, CloudLInux, or RHEL.

+Which version of CentOS is recommended for cPanel?

CentOS version 6.5 or later is currently supported by cPanel. We would recommend using the latest available version of CentOS, which is CentOS 8. cPanel recommends that the minimal version of CentOS being installed, so we recommend asking our support team to install this version of CentOS after ordering your server.

+How much does a cPanel license cost?

ServerMania does not offer cPanel licenses at this time. Please visit to learn more about the current cPanel pricing.

+Do you offer cPanel server management?

We offer a variety of managed server plans for cPanel servers. Click here to learn more about the managed server plans we have available on Hybrid on Dedicated Servers.

+What are the cPanel system requirements?

cPanel requires a 1.1GHz processor with 2GB of RAM and 40GB disk space on a 64-bit processor. Depending on the number of sites you plan on hosting on the server as well as the type of content those sites will host, you may need more resources to run cPanel at optimal performance levels on your dedicated hosting plan.