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Finding the perfect server hosting provider in Montreal can sometimes be a challenge due to rising data center costs in Montreal and other major Canadian cities.

Are you looking for a reliable Canadian server provider at an unbeatable price? ServerMania has you covered.


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ServerMania’s range of enterprise-grade server hosting plans offers the best bare-metal performance in Montreal. Every server deployed in Montreal can be customized to meet the needs of individual clients. Our industry-leading 15-minute support promise means you’ll never be left waiting for an answer.


Address: 19701 Avenue Clark Graham Ave, Baie-D'Urfe, QC Canada

Buy Dedicated Server Hosting in Montreal

If you’re looking for a dedicated server in Montreal, Quebec, you’re in the right place. We offer a wide range of dedicated servers for as little as $109 per month.

Dedicated server hosting clients demand performance, reliability, and support. Our Montreal dedicated server plans are engineered to provide optimal performance you can rely on.

Our dedicated servers are housed in a state-of-the-art Montreal data center. A fully redundant network utilizing multiple Tier 1 bandwidth providers empowers us to offer a 100% uptime Service Level Agreement.

Why Choose ServerMania's Montreal Dedicated Server Hosting?

ServerMania dedicated servers use enterprise-grade hardware for optimal performance and reliability. All Montreal dedicated servers are custom-built in-house and offer:

Enterprise-grade hardware:

Every server is built with Intel Xeon Processors and SuperMicro Chassis

Dedicated IPMI:

Dedicated IPMI/KVM switches mean you’ll always have full remote access to your system.

Remote reboots:

Reboot your server without having to wait for support.

100% Network Uptime Guarantee:

With 10 N+2 backup power generators, a network running at over 300 Gbps, and redundant connections to multiple Tier 1 carriers, we’re able to guarantee 100% network uptime and availability.

Additional IPS:

If you have a good reason for extra IPs, we offer up to 256 (/24) per dedicated server.

Green Power:

Our dedicated servers are powered by green hydro-electric energy, a renewable and environmentally-friendly resource that will slash your company’s carbon footprint.

Test your connection to Montreal with a speed test. Test This Network

Why Is Canada The Best Location For Your Dedicated Servers?


Canada is a world-leader in privacy and data protection legislation, making it the ideal location for sensitive data and business critical applications.

Data sovereignty is a key concern for infrastructure clients with location-sensitive workloads and data that must be hosted under regulatory conditions compatible with enhanced privacy and security.

Canadian privacy laws, including PIPEDA, comply with European privacy laws, so end users don’t need to make special arrangements to host data from Europe. If you host on Canadian soil, you’re free to collect and store EU data.

Multi-Lingual Montreal-based Support

Our North American support teams offer round-the-clock support with a guaranteed response times of less than 15 minutes. Our Account Managers are also fluent in English, Spanish, and Portugese

Green Dedicated Server Hosting

ServerMania’s Montreal data center is almost entirely powered by hydroelectric generators. You can massively reduce your company’s carbon footprint by hosting your dedicated servers in Montreal.

Excellent International Connectivity

Our Montreal data center offers excellent low-latency network connectivity to Canada, the US, and Europe.


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