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Finding the perfect server hosting provider in Vancouver can sometimes be a challenge due to rising data center costs in major Canadian cities like Vancouver and Toronto. Are you looking for an affordable Canadian server near Vancouver at an unbeatable price? ServerMania has you covered.


Dedicated Servers
CPUCoresRAMStorageCloud BackupSetup timeMonthly
Intel E3 1240 V34 x 3.4 GHz32 GB
500 GB SSD
50 GB
Setup in 8h
Intel E3 1270 V6
4 x 3.8 GHz32 GB
50 GB
Setup in 8h
Intel E5 1660 V48 x 3.2 GHz64 GB
500 GB SSD
50 GB
Setup in 24h
Xeon E-2146G6 x 3.5 GHz32 GB
50 GB
Setup in 8h
2x Intel E5 2695 V2
24 x 2.4 GHz64 GB
2 x 500 GB SSD
50 GB
Setup in 8h
2x Intel E5 2680 V2
20 x 2.8 GHz64 GB
2 x 500 GB SSD
50 GB
Setup in 8h
AMD Ryzen 3950X16 x 3.5 Ghz128 GB
50 GB
Setup in 8h


Looking for a server in Vancouver? ServerMania offers dedicated servers at our Canadian data center that offer the connectivity of Vancouver at a fraction of the price. Vancouver dedicated servers are often significantly more expensive due to exceptionally high real estate and utility costs. Our Montreal, Quebec data center offers exceptional connectivity to Vancouver and across the country at a fraction of the cost of servers hosted in other Canadian cities. This makes Montreal the perfect choice for enterprise-grade servers. With 15 minute response times and servers custom built for your needs, ServerMania’s Canadian servers are the perfect choice for you.


Address: 19701 Avenue Clark Graham Ave, Baie-D'Urfe, QC Canada

Why Choose A Dedicated Server Host Servicing Vancouver

With prices starting at just $80 per month, servers hosted in Montreal, Quebec are an affordable alternative to Vancouver based servers. Our Montreal data center utilizes only the best networks to ensure clients in Vancouver receive exceptional speed and low latency.

Reliability, performance, and support are the cornerstones of the best server hosting for Vancouver. This is exactly what we took into consideration when designing our Canadian data center. These factors are critical for the best-dedicated hosting experience and are the reason why small and large businesses trust ServerMania with their critical business applications.

We’re committed to delivering a rock-solid server hosting experience by offering a 100% uptime SLA in our state of the art Montreal data center. Utilizing only Tier-1 network providers, these servers are among the best server hosting options in Canada.


ServerMania offers enterprise-grade hardware and custom built servers to deliver optimal performance and reliability. ServerMania’s Vancouver data center offers the following features standard on every server:

Industry-Leading Hardware Options

SuperMicro chassis and Intel Xeon processors ensure ServerMania provides the most reliable hardware experience.

KVM Access

A dedicated connection is offered on each server for you to remotely connect to the server instantly.

Lightning Fast Reboots

Through the use of our innovative control panel, clients can instantly reboot their servers without the need to submit a support ticket.

100% Network SLA

ServerMania offers a 100% network uptime Service Level Agreement through the use of Tier 1 carriers and redundant connectivity.

IP Addresses Available

ServerMania can provision up to 256 additional IP’s where required per dedicated server.

Sustainable Energy

Our dedicated servers are powered by green hydro-electric energy, a renewable and environmentally-friendly resource that will slash your company’s carbon footprint.

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Why Is Canada The Best Location For Your Dedicated Servers?


Canada is a world-leader in privacy and data protection legislation, making it the ideal location for sensitive data and business critical applications. Data sovereignty is a key concern for infrastructure clients with location-sensitive workloads and data that must be hosted under regulatory conditions compatible with enhanced privacy and security.

Canadian privacy laws, including PIPEDA, comply with European privacy laws, so end users don’t need to make special arrangements to host data from Europe. If you host on Canadian soil, you’re free to collect and store EU data.

Multi-Lingual Montreal-based Support

Our North American support teams offer round-the-clock support with a guaranteed response times of less than 15 minutes. Our Account Managers are also fluent in English, Spanish, and Portugese

Green Dedicated Server Hosting

ServerMania’s Montreal data center is almost entirely powered by hydroelectric generators. You can massively reduce your company’s carbon footprint by hosting your dedicated servers in Montreal.

Excellent International Connectivity

Our Montreal data center offers excellent low-latency network connectivity to Canada, the US, and Europe.