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Intel Xeon E3-1270v6 4 Cores Dedicated Server


The Intel Xeon E3-1270 V6 Quad Core delivers robust performance and efficiency, making it the ideal choice for small to medium-sized business servers and workstations that require more cores than offered with other similar processors. Engineered with Intel advanced 14nm process technology, Intel Xeon processors ensure superior multitasking capabilities and enhanced energy efficiency. Perfect for demanding workloads, this Intel processor offers reliability and speed to power your critical business applications.


ProcessorThreadsClock SpeedCacheCPU Benchmark
Intel Xeon E3-1270 V683.8 Ghz x 48 MB8,955 (Higher is better)


32 GBDDR42400 MhzYes$0.00
64 GBDDR42400 MhzYes$35.00


4 Drives$0.00
8 Drives$50.00


First Drive1 TBPCIe 3.0SSD$0.00
First Drive2 TBPCIe 3.0SSD$15.00
First Drive4 TBPCIe 3.0SSD$35.00
First Drive8 TBPCIe 3.0SSD$60.00
First Drive4 TBPCIe 3.0HDD$15.00
First Drive6 TBPCIe 3.0HDD$20.00
First Drive8 TBPCIe 3.0HDD$25.00
First Drive10 TBPCIe 3.0HDD$30.00
First Drive12 TBPCIe 3.0HDD$35.00
First Drive16 TBPCIe 3.0HDD$45.00
Second Drive1 TBPCIe 3.0SSD$10.00
Second Drive2 TBPCIe 3.0SSD$15.00
Second Drive4 TBPCIe 3.0SSD$35.00
Second Drive8 TBPCIe 3.0SSD$60.00
Second Drive4 TBPCIe 3.0HDD$15.00
Second Drive6 TBPCIe 3.0HDD$20.00
Second Drive8 TBPCIe 3.0HDD$25.00
Second Drive10 TBPCIe 3.0HDD$30.00
Second Drive12 TBPCIe 3.0HDD$35.00
Second Drive16 TBPCIe 3.0HDD$45.00
Third Drive1 TBPCIe 3.0SSD$10.00
Third Drive2 TBPCIe 3.0SSD$15.00
Third Drive4 TBPCIe 3.0SSD$35.00
Third Drive8 TBPCIe 3.0SSD$60.00
Third Drive4 TBPCIe 3.0HDD$15.00
Third Drive6 TBPCIe 3.0HDD$20.00
Third Drive8 TBPCIe 3.0HDD$25.00
Third Drive10 TBPCIe 3.0HDD$30.00
Third Drive12 TBPCIe 3.0HDD$35.00
Third Drive16 TBPCIe 3.0HDD$45.00
Fourth Drive1 TBPCIe 3.0SSD$10.00
Fourth Drive2 TBPCIe 3.0SSD$15.00
Fourth Drive4 TBPCIe 3.0SSD$35.00
Fourth Drive8 TBPCIe 3.0SSD$60.00
Fourth Drive4 TBPCIe 3.0HDD$15.00
Fourth Drive6 TBPCIe 3.0HDD$20.00
Fourth Drive8 TBPCIe 3.0HDD$25.00
Fourth Drive10 TBPCIe 3.0HDD$30.00
Fourth Drive12 TBPCIe 3.0HDD$35.00
Fourth Drive16 TBPCIe 3.0HDD$45.00


Transfer AmountSpeedPrice/Month
20 TB1 Gbps$0.00
30 TB1 Gbps$10.00
40 TB1 Gbps$20.00
50 TB1 Gbps$30.00
100 TB1 Gbps$60.00
Unmetered1 Gbps$120.00
20 TB10 Gbps$10.00
30 TB10 Gbps$20.00
40 TB10 Gbps$30.00
50 TB10 Gbps$40.00
100 TB10 Gbps$70.00
1000 TB10 Gbps$500.00
Unmetered10 Gbps$600.00

Port Speed

Transfer SpeedPrice/Month
Up to 10 Gbps$0.00

IPv4 IP Addresses

IP RangeUsable IPsPrice/Month
/301 IPv4$0.00
/30 + /296 IPv4$30.00
/30 + /2814 IPv4$60.00
/30 + /2730 IPv4$120.00
/30 + /2662 IPv4$240.00
/30 + /25126 IPv4$480.00
/30 + /24254 IPv4$768.00
/30 + /23510 IPv4$1,536.00
/30 + /221022 IPv4$3,072.00
/30 + /212046 IPv4$6,144.00
/30 + /204094 IPv4$12,288.00

Data Center Location

CityCountrySetup TimePrice/Month
First AvailableVariousCase-by-case$0.00
New York City MetroUnited States8 Hours$0.00

Remote Console Management

SoftwareServer TypePrice/Month

Operating System

Install Your Own OS With IPMI$0.00
Custom OS - Contact Support After Ordering$0.00
CentOS 6$0.00
CentOS 7$0.00
CentOS Stream 9$0.00
Debian 10$0.00
Debian 10.5$0.00
Debian 12$0.00
Fedora 32$0.00
Fedora 39$0.00
FreeBSD 11$0.00
FreeBSD 12$0.00
Proxmox 6$0.00
Proxmox 7$0.00
Ubuntu 20$0.00
VMWare ESXi 6.7$0.00
Windows Server 2016 Standard$10.00
Windows Server 2019 Standard$10.00
Windows Server 2016 Datacenter$71.00
Windows Server 2019 Datacenter$74.00

Control Panel

Plesk Web Admin Edition10$15.00
Plesk Web Pro Edition30$20.00
Plesk Web Host EditionUnlimited$45.00

Database Software

Microsoft SQL Web$17.00
Microsoft SQL Standard$278.00
Microsoft SQL Enterprise$1.065.00

Server Management

  • Initial Setup
  • Reactive Management
  • $39.00
  • Complete Coverage
  • Proactive Management
  • $119.00

    Cloud Backup

    50 GB$0.00
    100 GB$15.00
    250 GB$35.00
    500 GB$77.50
    1000 GB$150.00
    2000 GB$290.00
    4000 GB$560.00


    Outstanding Efficiency

    Scalability and Flexibility

    Enhanced Security

    Energy Efficiency

    24/7 ServerMania Support

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    • Outstanding Processing Power: This Intel Quad Core server offers up to 4.2 GHz of processor power, with Turbo Boost, ensuring seamless handling of intensive tasks and high-traffic applications with minimal latency.
    • Optimized for Reliability and Efficiency: Boasting 8 MB Intel Smart Cache, this Intel processor allows multiple cores to share the entire cache pool, dynamically allocating it as needed. This ensures that cache space is utilized more efficiently compared to fixed per-core cache allocations.
    Need more GHz of power? Refer to our 2x Intel Xeon Silver 4214R processors.
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    • Scalability: The Intel Xeon E3-1270 V6 Quad Core Dedicated Server is designed to grow with your business, providing seamless upgrades and expansions, as required, to accommodate increasing workloads and complex applications without compromising performance.
    • Flexibility: Tailor your Intel server configurations to meet diverse business needs with versatile support for virtualization, multiple operating systems, and an array of storage options, ensuring you have the right resources where and when you need them.
    When it comes to choosing Intel vs AMD, we've got an article for you.
    • Advanced Security Features: The Intel Xeon E3-1270 V6 includes Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) and Intel Secure Key, providing hardware-enhanced security for identity protection, as well as to safeguard sensitive information and encryption keys within your dedicated server.
    • Enhanced Data Protection: With support for Intel Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) and Intel Memory Protection Extensions (MPX), the Intel Xeon processor E3 model offers robust safeguards against sophisticated attacks and memory corruption, ensuring your business-critical data remains secure.
    Still not sure if Intel Xeon is what you need? Check out our AMD Ryzen servers
    • Eco-friendly Performance: The Intel Xeon E3-1270 V6 3.8 GHz, built on Intel’s 14nm architecture, optimizes power consumption, delivering high performance with reduced energy usage—perfect for businesses prioritizing sustainability and cost savings.
    • Adaptive Energy Management: Featuring advanced power management technologies, this Intel processor dynamically adjusts energy use based on workload, ensuring efficient operation without compromising on speed or responsiveness.
    Check out our Intel W Series workstation processors for ultimate performance.
    • Dedicated Assistance: Experience the ServerMania difference. Our expert support team is available 24/7, ready to address any inquiries or challenges in 15 minutes or less.
    • Skilled Professionals: Rely on the extensive knowledge of our staff, even before you purchase. Our team is proficient with a variety of Intel dedicated servers, including the Intel Xeon E3-1270 V6. Dedicated server hosting is our business.

    Pricing and Plans

    Discover our competitive pricing and varied plans, each meticulously designed to cater to your distinct needs. Whether you are a startup, SME, or a large enterprise, ServerMania has the perfect Intel Xeon E3-1270v6 processor and dedicated server hosting plan for you!

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    Use Cases for the Intel Xeon E3-1270v6

    Small to Medium-Sized Business (SMB) Servers
    Media Encoding and Streaming
    Network Security Appliances

    Small to Medium-Sized Business (SMB) Servers

    • Efficient Database Management: The Intel E3-1270 V6 Handles SQL databases and business intelligence tools with ease, ensuring rapid data retrieval and analytics.
    • Reliable Email Hosting: Intel supports robust email servers for business communication, offering high uptime and quick response times.
    • Secure Web Hosting: Manages small business websites and e-commerce platforms efficiently, with enhanced security features.
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    • Virtual Machine Hosting: Runs multiple VMs simultaneously, optimizing resource allocation and enhancing server utilization.
    • Development and Testing Environments: Provides isolated environments for development and testing, improving software deployment and maintenance.
    • Cost-Effective Cloud Solutions: Enables small-scale cloud services and private clouds, reducing costs and improving flexibility.

    Media Encoding and Streaming

    • Real-Time Video Encoding: Offers high-speed video encoding for live streaming and media broadcasting, ensuring smooth performance.
    • Content Delivery Networks (CDN): Powers CDNs to distribute media content globally with low latency and high availability.
    • Efficient File Storage: Manages large volumes of media files with quick access and robust data protection features.

    Network Security Appliances

    • Firewall and VPN Solutions: Provides robust processing power for firewall and VPN applications, ensuring secure data transfer and network protection.
    • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS): Supports IDS operations, analyzing network traffic in real-time to identify and mitigate threats.
    • Unified Threat Management (UTM): Enables UTM systems to deliver comprehensive security by integrating antivirus, anti-spam, and content filtering.

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