6 core servers

Starting at $159/month

6 Core Servers

Take advantage of the performance that 6 core server processors can offer you at the most affordable price ranges out there.

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6 core Dedicated servers

6 core dedicated servers are usually the highest core count processors without a reduction in clock speed. 6 core servers will typically have very close CPU performance to dual processor servers, due to the high clock speeds. However, a six core processor is significantly more affordable as the platform is much simpler than one with several processors.

To a server virtualization project that is going to be successful, more cores are critical. The virtual-server load can be handled at a high-performance level if there are more CPU cores in a server. Empirical data shows that you can run up to 7 virtual machines with a 6 dual core server. Meanwhile, you could run up to 15 virtual machines with a 6 quad core server.

To consolidate multiple physical machines, server virtualization requires more powerful memory and processors. To handle a virtual machine, more than one processor core is required. It is unusual to need a 6 core processor when not virtualizing.

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6 Core Servers Hosted Remotely in the ServerMania Data Center

ServerMania has data centers across the globe with locations in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Amsterdam, London, Auckland, Buffalo and Montreal! Each of the six core dedicated servers are hosted remotely at these locations.


Intel Xeon Processor

Intel designed, manufactured, and marketed Xeon, a brand of x86 microprocessors. Xeon processors are similar to regular desktop-grade CPUs, but they have more advanced features like extra provision for enterprise-grade RAS, larger cache memory, support for larger amounts of RAM, more PCI Express lanes, higher core counts, and ECC memory.

popular Intel xeon models

There are several popular models: P6 based Xeon, Netburst-based Xeon which consists of Xeon (DP) and Xeon MP (32-bit), Gallatin, Xeon (DP) and Xeon MP (64-bit), and dual-core Xeon. Another popular model is the Pentium M (Yonah) based Xeon.

The last model we would like to mention is the Core-based Xeon. Intel uses hyper threading, which is a hardware innovation that allows more than one thread to run on each core.

More work can be done in parallel if there are more threads. A gaming desktop or gaming laptop CPU with this technology can boost the computer experience of professionals, streamers, and multitaskers, since the technology lets CPU cores effectively do two things at once.

The reason for this is that a PC with this technology can run more background tasks without disruption and can process more information in a smaller amount of time.

Intel Xeon E Six Core Servers

The Xeon E5 offers an extensive list of features, including multi-socket configuration support and high performance.

One legacy server is Intel Xeon Processor E5-1650[1] [2] , which is a 6 core Xeon. This 6 core Xeon has the following specifications: 12 MB Intel Smart Cache, 256 GB of memory, 3.60 GHz processor base frequency, and 51.2 GB/s of memory bandwidth.

We would also like to mention the E-2100/2200 series. These are our newest 6 core servers and some of the most popular in the industry. They include the Intel Xeon-E2136, Intel Xeon E-2146G, Intel Xeon E-2236, and the Intel Xeon E-2246G.

ServerMania Dedicated Server Hosting can be customized to meet all of the needs of your business. Choose from a wide variety of base Intel Xeon 6-cores processor server configurations before customizing the hardware and software for your applications.

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Our 6 core servers are available for all of your needs
It has never been a better time for you to bring your hosting game to the next level!

These servers have the potential of becoming the cornerstone of your IT infrastructure and can play an essential role in your overall solution. These will typically provide you with good levels of power, performance, flexibility, and other benefits at some of the most affordable price points out there.

No Hardware Management Costs

We handle the hardware such as the CPU, RAM, SSD, and so on, so you don’t have to. All you have to do is use the server once we’ve set everything up for you.

100% Uptime

Due to our extensive network infrastructure, ServerMania as a company and brand can give its customers a 100% Network Uptime Line Guarantee.

Same-Day Deployment

Dedicated servers can be deployed within the same day, all you have to do is select an OS, choose your server, and launch it. It’s that simple. You can get a new GHZ server at any time.

6 Core Intel Xeon Servers Starting At

These four pre-configured dedicated hosting plans include up to 20% off regular pricing.

Single Processor
Starting at
$159 /month
Intel Xeon E-2136
6 cores @ 3.3 GHz
2 x 500 GB SSD
20TB, 10 Gbps

Single Processor
Starting at
$159 /month
Intel Xeon E-2146G
6 cores @ 3.5 GHz
500 GB SSD
20TB, 10 Gbps

Single Processor
Starting at
$169 /month
Intel Xeon E-2236
6 cores @ 3.4 GHz
500 GB SSD
20TB, 10 Gbps

Single Processor
Starting at
$179 /month
Intel Xeon E-2246G
6 cores @ 3.6 GHz
500 GB SSD
20TB, 10 Gbps

Available Operating Systems for Intel Xeon Processors

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Up to 20 Gbps Network Speeds

100% Network Uptime SLA

Personalised 24x7 Support

Dedicated KVM for Instant Reboot and Custom OS Install

Global Data Centre Locations

Enterprise Grade Hardware

Custom Hardware Configurations

Unmetered Bandwidth Available


Our hosting experts are available 24x7 to help you choose the perfect server for your needs and budget.

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