2x AMD EPYC 7642X

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2x AMD EPYC 7642X 96 Cores Dedicated Server


Introducing the 2x AMD Epyc 7642, 96 core CPU, a powerhouse that will elevate your business to new heights. With maximum clock speed and efficiency, this new data center beast ensures seamless multitasking and accelerated performance that beats world records.

For your most demanding workloads, experience unmatched reliability and scalability, empowering your enterprise to thrive in the digital era with this incredible CPU.


ProcessorThreadsClock SpeedCacheCPU Benchmark
2x AMD EPYC 7642X1922.3 Ghz x 96256 MB94,050 (Higher is better)


128 GBDDR43200 MhzYes$0.00
256 GBDDR43200 MhzYes$135.00
512 GBDDR43200 MhzYes$270.00
1024 GBDDR43200 MhzYes$580.00


4 x 3.5 Drives$0.00
12 x 2.5 Drives$80.00


First M.2 NVMe Slot1 TBPCIe 4.0NVMe$0.00
First M.2 NVMe Slot2 TBPCIe 4.0NVMe$10.00
First M.2 NVMe Slot4 TBPCIe 4.0NVMe$20.00
Second M.2 NVMe Slot1 TBPCIe 4.0NVMe$15.00
Second M.2 NVMe Slot2 TBPCIe 4.0NVMe$25.00
Second M.2 NVMe Slot4 TBPCIe 4.0NVMe$70.00
First Drive1 TBPCIe 4.0SSD$0.00
First Drive2 TBPCIe 4.0SSD$15.00
First Drive4 TBPCIe 4.0SSD$45.00
First Drive8 TBPCIe 4.0SSD$65.00
First Drive1 TBPCIe 4.0HDD$5.00
First Drive2 TBPCIe 4.0HDD$10.00
First Drive4 TBPCIe 4.0HDD$15.00
First Drive6 TBPCIe 4.0HDD$20.00
First Drive8 TBPCIe 4.0HDD$25.00
First Drive10 TBPCIe 4.0HDD$30.00
First Drive12 TBPCIe 4.0HDD$35.00
First Drive16 TBPCIe 4.0HDD$45.00
Second Drive1 TBPCIe 4.0SSD$15.00
Second Drive2 TBPCIe 4.0SSD$30.00
Second Drive4 TBPCIe 4.0SSD$60.00
Second Drive8 TBPCIe 4.0SSD$80.00
Second Drive1 TBPCIe 4.0HDD$5.00
Second Drive2 TBPCIe 4.0HDD$10.00
Second Drive4 TBPCIe 4.0HDD$15.00
Second Drive6 TBPCIe 4.0HDD$20.00
Second Drive8 TBPCIe 4.0HDD$25.00
Second Drive10 TBPCIe 4.0HDD$30.00
Second Drive12 TBPCIe 4.0HDD$35.00
Second Drive16 TBPCIe 4.0HDD$45.00
Second Drive NVMe U.2960GBPCIe 4.0NVMe$15.00
Second Drive NVMe U.21.92TBPCIe 4.0NVMe$25.00
Second Drive NVMe U.23.84TBPCIe 4.0NVMe$45.00
Second Drive NVMe U.27.68TBPCIe 4.0NVMe$85.00


Transfer AmountSpeedPrice/Month
20 TB1 Gbps$0.00
30 TB1 Gbps$10.00
40 TB1 Gbps$20.00
50 TB1 Gbps$30.00
100 TB1 Gbps$60.00
Unmetered1 Gbps$120.00
20 TB10 Gbps$10.00
30 TB10 Gbps$20.00
40 TB10 Gbps$30.00
50 TB10 Gbps$40.00
100 TB10 Gbps$70.00
1000 TB10 Gbps$500.00
Unmetered10 Gbps$600.00
Unmetered20 Gbps$1,200.00

Port Speed

Transfer SpeedPrice/Month
Up to 10 Gbps$0.00

IPv4 IP Addresses

IP RangeUsable IPsPrice/Month
/301 IPv4$0.00
/30 + /296 IPv4$30.00
/30 + /2814 IPv4$60.00
/30 + /2730 IPv4$120.00
/30 + /2662 IPv4$240.00
/30 + /25126 IPv4$480.00
/30 + /24254 IPv4$768.00
/30 + /23510 IPv4$1,536.00
/30 + /221022 IPv4$3,072.00
/30 + /212046 IPv4$6,144.00
/30 + /204094 IPv4$12,288.00

Data Center Location

CityCountrySetup TimePrice/Month
First AvailableVariousCase-by-case$0.00
Los Angeles, CaliforniaUnited States8 Hours$0.00
New York City MetroUnited States8 Hours$0.00
Montreal, QuebecCanada8 Hours$0.00
Vancouver, British ColumbiaCanada8 Hours$0.00
London, EnglandUnited Kingdom8 Hours$0.00

Remote Console Management

SoftwareServer TypePrice/Month

Operating System

Install Your Own OS With IPMI$0.00
Custom OS - Contact Support After Ordering$0.00
AlmaLinux 8$0.00
AlmaLinux 9$0.00
CentOS 7$0.00
CentOS Stream 9$0.00
Cloudlinux 8$0.00
Debian 10$0.00
Debian 11$0.00
Debian 12$0.00
Fedora 32$0.00
Fedora 39$0.00
pfSense OS$0.00
Proxmox 6$0.00
Proxmox 7$0.00
Proxmox 8$0.00
Rocky Linux 8$0.00
Rocky Linux 9$0.00
Ubuntu 20$0.00
Ubuntu 22$0.00
VMWare ESXi 6.7$0.00
VMWare ESXi 7$0.00
VMWare ESXi 8$0.00
Windows Server 2016 Standard$247.00
Windows Server 2019 Standard$247.00
Windows Server 2022 Standard$247.00
Windows Server 2016 Datacenter$1,714.00
Windows Server 2019 Datacenter$1,714.00
Windows Server 2022 Datacenter$1,714.00

Control Panel

Plesk Web Admin Edition10$15.00
Plesk Web Pro Edition30$20.00
Plesk Web Host EditionUnlimited$45.00

Database Software

Microsoft SQL Web$417.00
Microsoft SQL Standard$6,665.00
Microsoft SQL Enterprise$25,558.00

Server Management

  • Initial Setup
  • Reactive Management
  • $39.00
  • Complete Coverage
  • Proactive Management
  • $119.00

    Cloud Backup

    50 GB$0.00
    100 GB$15.00
    250 GB$35.00
    500 GB$77.50
    1000 GB$150.00
    2000 GB$290.00
    4000 GB$560.00


    Exceptional Performance

    Scalability and Flexibility

    Enhanced Security

    Energy Efficiency

    24/7 ServerMania Support

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    • Innovative Architecture: Experience unparalleled performance with the 2x AMD EPYC CPU, powered by cutting-edge Zen 2 architecture. This innovative design maximizes efficiency and scalability compared to AMD Ryzen servers , ensuring lightning-fast data processing through PCIE 4.0 and seamless multitasking for your most demanding workloads.
    • Robust Core Count: Remember the times when one core was enough? Those days are long gone. Elevate your computing capabilities with AMD's impressive processing speed, setting a new standard for server performance. Whether you're handling complex simulations, data analytics, or virtualization tasks, the AMD EPYC processors deliver unmatched processing speeds that put high end desktop setups to shame. Enable faster insights and superior productivity for your business needs with the latest 96 core AMD servers.
    Need fewer processors on the clock? Plot your course with the AMD Ryzen 5950X chip.
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    • Tailored Resources: This 2x AMD EPYC processor, with a total of 96 cores, offers unparalleled scalability, allowing businesses to customize resources according to their specific needs. With 96 cores at your disposal, you can effortlessly scale up or down to match fluctuating workloads, ensuring optimal performance without overprovisioning.
    • Exceptional Plans: Experience the epitome of flexibility with our exceptional plans tailored to suit diverse business requirements. Whether you're a startup, SME, or enterprise-level organization, our dual AMD EPYC server CPU combo empowers you to choose plans that align with your budget and growth trajectory, guaranteeing cost-effectiveness and future-proofing your infrastructure.
    Looking for a little less speed? Check out the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X .
    • Fortified Protection: The 2x AMD EPYC CPU offers unparalleled security with built-in hardware features, ensuring fortified protection against cyber threats at every level of operation, safeguarding your critical data and infrastructure with advanced encryption and virtualization capabilities.
    • Regular Security Updates: Stay ahead of potential vulnerabilities with the AMD Epyc 7642's seamless delivery of regular security updates, keeping your server environment resilient and up-to-date against evolving cyber threats, providing peace of mind for your business operations.
    • Efficient Power Management: The 2x AMD EPYC 7642 Dedicated Server boasts exceptional energy efficiency, leveraging advanced energy management features to optimize performance while minimizing energy consumption, ensuring maximum memory cache without compromising on sustainability.
    • Eco-Friendly Computing Solution: With 96 cores and cutting-edge energy-saving technologies, these processors offer a green computing solution for businesses, reducing carbon footprint and operational costs without sacrificing results, making it the ideal choice for environmentally conscious enterprises.
    Do you prefer the price of L2 Cache rather than L3 Cache memory? Try the AMD Ryzen 5 7600X chip.
    • Dedicated Assistance: Experience the ServerMania difference. Our expert support team is available 24/7, ready to address any inquiries or challenges in 15 minutes or less.
    • Skilled Professionals: Rely on the extensive knowledge of our staff, even before you purchase. Our team is proficient with a variety of AMD dedicated servers, including the EPYC 7642 CPU. Dedicated server hosting is our business.

    Pricing and Plans

    Discover our competitive pricing and varied plans, each meticulously designed to cater to your distinct needs. Whether you are a startup, SME, or a large enterprise, ServerMania has the perfect 2x AMD EPYC 7642X processor and dedicated server hosting plan for you!

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    Use Cases for the 2x AMD EPYC 7642X

    Data Centers and Cloud Computing
    Enterprise Applications
    Big Data Analytics
    Render Farms and Content Creation

    Data Centers and Cloud Computing

    The 2x AMD EPYC 7642's large 96 processor cores and high memory bandwidth make it well-suited for virtualization , cloud computing, and data center workloads. It can efficiently handle tasks such as virtual machine hosting, data processing, and cloud storage services.

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    Enterprise Applications

    Businesses can leverage AMD's 2x EPYC 7642 processor for running technologies like enterprise application databases, ERP systems, and business intelligence tools. Its multi-core CPU architecture, with 192 threads, enables rapid data processing and analysis, boasting improvements to overall productivity and efficiency for your company.

    dedicated servers

    High-Performance Computing (HPC)

    With its exceptional compute power, the 2x AMD EPYC CPU setup is an excellent choice for HPC applications, including scientific simulations, engineering modeling, and computational fluid dynamics. Its 96 cores and L3 cache enable faster computations, meaning your researchers and engineers don't have to wait as long for insight.


    Big Data Analytics

    Organizations dealing with massive datasets can benefit from the 2x AMD EPYC's processors and memory capacity. It excels in handling big data analytics workloads, including real-time analytics, machine learning, and AI inference tasks, enabling data-driven decision-making and insights generation.


    Render Farms and Content Creation

    Media, entertainment, and manufacturing companies can utilize the 2x EPYC 7642 for rendering complex 3D designs, animations, visual effects, and video editing tasks. Its high core count and parallel processing capabilities accelerate rendering times, reducing production cycles and improving workflow efficiency.


    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

    The EPYC 7642 CPU can power virtual desktop environments, delivering high-performance computing resources to remote users efficiently. It supports multiple virtual desktop instances simultaneously, providing a responsive and seamless user experience for remote workers and enterprises deploying VDI solutions.

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