AMD EPYC Dedicated Servers

Incredibly powerful AMD processors at even better prices.


AMD EPYC Servers Powered by ServerMania

AMD EPYC servers are designed to offer high performance, scalability, and efficiency for a wide range of workloads, including data center applications, cloud computing, virtualization, and enterprise computing tasks.


AMD EPYC servers leverage the advanced features of EPYC processors, such as high core counts, large memory capacity, and advanced security features, to deliver reliable and powerful computing solutions for modern IT environments.

As a leader in AMD EPYC dedicated server hosting, ServerMania harnesses the unparalleled power and efficiency of AMD's cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability to its customers. With a commitment to innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence, ServerMania empowers businesses with high-performance computing solutions that exceed expectations and drive success.


High Core Counts

Large Memory Capacity

Advanced Security Features

Scalability and I/O Bandwidth

High Core Counts

With up to 64 cores per processor, EPYC processors offer exceptional parallel processing power, ideal for multitasking, HPC workloads, and machine learning.

Large Memory Capacity

EPYC processors support a large number of memory channels and capacity, enabling extensive data handling and analytics without memory bottlenecks.

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Advanced Security Features

EPYC processors include built-in security features such as Secure Memory Encryption (SME), Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV), AMD Infinity Guard, and anti DDoS protection, ensuring data integrity and protection against various security threats.

Scalability and I/O Bandwidth

One of the best things about EPYC chips is that they feature PCIe Gen4 support and high I/O bandwidth, facilitating connectivity to storage and networking devices while allowing for scalable configurations to meet diverse workload demands and intensive tasks.

Enterprise Grade Solutions for Your Business

ServerMania's AMD EPYC servers deliver unparalleled CPU power. Starting at just $399 per month, AMD EPYC processors are the ideal solution for any project that requires a high performance dedicated server with optimized energy efficiency. AMD is the right choice for applications such as:

High-Performance Computing
Data Center and Cloud Computing
Big Data Analytics

High-Performance Computing

AMD EPYC processors offer exceptional performance due to their high core counts, compute power, and efficient architecture, which enable accelerated processing of complex computations and simulations.


Data Center and Cloud Computing

AMD EPYC CPUs are useful for data centers and cloud computing workloads due to their high core counts, large memory bandwidth, and PCIe lane density, which enable efficient handling of diverse workloads with excellent performance and scalability.


Big Data Analytics

AMD EPYC chipsets are useful for database management and analytics due to their high core counts, large memory capacity, and efficient architecture, enabling faster data processing and improved performance for demanding workloads.


* Setup Times thresholds and fulfilment of dedicated server hosting is subject to order volume, location capabilities, order verification and hardware availability.

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Enterprise Grade

Our dedicated servers are powered by AMD EPYC single or dual AMD EPYC CPUs, built using only enterprise-grade Supermicro dual socket components to enable up to two processors.

24x7 Fast and Friendly Support

Server experts are standing by to answer any questions you may have. With 15 minute response times, we have some of the fastest answers in the industry for all of your business needs!

Integrated Cloud

Every server includes 50GB of free Cloud Backup storage which can be integrated directly into cPanel for clients using the Acronis Cloud Backup plugin.

Powerful Server Management

Our Surge Control Panel software equips you with the tools you need to manage your server with built in IPMI/KVM in each server. We also have a wide variety of cPanel server management plans available.


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