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First announced in 1993, the Debian name was created by combining the first names of its creator, Ian Murdock with his girlfriend at the time - Debra Lynn.

Since the release of version 1.1 in 1996, Debian has remained committed to the pursuit of free and open-source software, enabling it to become one of the most popular linux distributions in the world.

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Large and Active Development Community

Debian development is focused on continual improvement and rapid bug fixes. Support is easily obtained through popular mailing lists and website forums. With over a thousand volunteers, Debian has the largest open-source community for any software project.

Debian’s dpkg package manager

Arguably the best and easiest to use packaging system for Linux, which has more than 50,000 applications available for free.

Unmatched compatibility

With support for a wide range of hardware and CPU architectures, you will be hard-pressed to find a device that won’t run Debian.


Servers running on Debian can often run for years without needing a reboot or experiencing a kernel panic, something which is unheard of for users with experience on other platforms.

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User Friendliness

Debian is a distribution designed for administrators and developers. Many novice users may feel overwhelmed by Debian as it lacks a GUI interface for many key features.

No support for some popular commercial software

Like other Linux distributions, Debian is not supported by Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and other Windows & Mac only software.

No proprietary software pre-installed

Debian is strictly open-source and support for popular media formats such as Flash, audio & video needs to be installed as additional steps.


Due to Debian’s open-source philosophy, it is often necessary to source & install hardware drivers for Debian after installation such as for wi-fi cards, graphics cards and peripherals.

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