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Launching in 2004, Ubuntu was developed as a Linux distribution that is user-friendly, frequently updated, secure, and that can be utilized by individuals and businesses around the world. Since then, Ubuntu has arguably become the most popular desktop and server Linux distribution.

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Ubuntu’s Debian derived package manager:

Providing the widest range of prepackaged software applications for Linux.

Community and commercial support:

Due to Ubuntu’s popular forums, most issues are easily resolved through a quick web search. Businesses and organizations can obtain official support from Canonical.

Proprietary software and hardware support:

As the widest used Linux desktop distribution, Ubuntu is usually the best supported OS for 3rd party applications and drivers.


As with Debian, Ubuntu provides a rock solid server environment, with extensive testing done on LTS releases.

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A single company driving innovation:

With its failed forays into mobile operating systems with Ubuntu Touch, and the abandoned Unity desktop environment - Canonical and Mark Shuttleworth in particular have been accused of ignoring community feedback regarding the future of Ubuntu.

No support for some popular commercial software:

Like other Linux distributions, Ubuntu is not supported by Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and other Windows & Mac only software. However, the Wine project has come a long way in providing support for Windows software on Linux, and many popular Windows applications now run perfectly on Ubuntu.

‘Buggy’ releases:

Ubuntu has been criticized of blindly sticking to a fixed release schedule and releasing incomplete or unsufficiently tested versions. Especially with non-LTS versions, it is recommended to wait a few months before upgrading to ensure that major issues have been fixed.

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