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  • Run all compatible Windows software perfectly
  • Long term support with a 10 year support life cycle
  • Reliable performance and support through Microsoft certified vendors

Windows Server 2012 SERVERS

Windows Server 2012 is the server version of WIndows 8, and is the sixth version of Windows Server following Server 2008 R2. Despite the majority of servers running Linux, there is still the need for many users to run Windows-only software in an enterprise data center environment. Windows Server is the perfect option in this case.

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Windows Software Compatibility

Long Term Release Support

Certified Support from Microsoft Vendors

Easy to use GUI

Wide Hardware Support

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Windows Server 2012 STRENGHTS & WEAKNESSES


Windows Software Support:

As the most widely used desktop operating system on the planet, Windows is found everywhere. Whilst there is some support on Linux for .NET, using Windows Server is the only way to guarantee compatibility with all Windows software.

Visual Studio:

Perhaps the most popular IDE in the world - most functions require Windows Server for development.

Hardware compatibility:

Windows Server 2012 supports a huge range of hardware and CPU architectures, drivers are easy to find and Windows will run on just about any x86-64 server or desktop machine.

Certified Support:

Microsoft provides documentation and community support through MSDN. There are certified Microsoft vendors in just about every country in the world offering a range of support subscriptions and licenses.

Long term support:

Microsoft provides security updates for Windows Server for at least 10 years.

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Microsoft Server licensing has a reputation for being complex and expensive. For larger enterprises it is usually necessary to obtain the services of a Microsoft partner to negotiate the best pricing structure with regards to requirements.


Installing Windows Server on dedicated server hardware is usually slower and more cumbersome than with Linux. The lack of a centralized software repository, means that updates, service packs and additional software needs to be downloaded and installed separately.

Stability & performance:

Compared to most Linux servers, Windows generally requires more reboots after upgrades and higher system resource use, resulting in worse performance and more downtime.

Compatibility issues:

Windows Server does not support open-source software as well as Linux does, thus popular web frameworks and languages such as PERL, CGI and PHP are generally best run on a Linux server.

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