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  • Run all compatible Windows software perfectly
  • Introduces a simplified licensing structure
  • Long term support with a 10 year support life cycle

Windows Server 2016 SERVERS

First introduced as a preview in 2014 and released to the public in 2016, Windows Server 2016 brings Windows 10 to the server environment with a wide range of new features and updated pricing. For users looking to run modern Windows software in a server environment, there is no better choice than Windows Server 2016.

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Windows Software Compatibility

High-Spec Hardware Support

Upgraded Web Server

Long Term Release Support

Certified Support from Microsoft Vendor

Key features

Windows Server 2016 STRENGHTS & WEAKNESSES


Windows Software Support:

As the most widely used desktop OS, there are a variety of Windows applications that need to be run on a server to guarantee optimal performance. The only way to guarantee full compatibility with Windows software is by choosing Windows Server.

Cloud Computing Features:

Improving on nearly all aspects of virtualization, Windows Server 2016 offers powerful new tools in containerization, virtualization and cloud security.

High-Spec Hardware Support:

With support for up to 24TB of memory and 240 virtual processors, Windows Server 2016 has the architecture to handle even the largest enterprise workloads.

Shielded Virtual Machines:

Windows Server 2016 provides a new Hyper-V based Shielded Virtual Machine to protect any Generation 2 virtual machine from a compromised hosting infrastructure as well as full support for converting existing non-shielded Generation 2 virtual machines to shielded virtual machines, including automated disk encryption.

Microsoft support:

Microsoft provides documentation and community support through MSDN. There are certified Microsoft vendors in just about every country in the world offering a range of support subscriptions and licenses. Releases are also given security updates for Windows Server for at least 10 years.

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Licensing Fees:

Windows Server 2016 has a monthly licensing fee of $25 to $125, depending on the version selected. When compared to Linux, which is typically free, this is a significant cost each year.

Installation Time:

Installing Windows Server 2016 on server hardware is often slower, and requires more additional downloads than with Linux servers. The Nano Server goes a long way to address this problem however.

Stability & performance:

Historically, Windows has required more reboots after upgrades and higher system resource use than when compared to most Linux servers, resulting in worse performance and more downtime.

Compatibility issues:

Windows Server does not support open-source software as well as Linux, thus popular web frameworks and languages such as PERL, CGI and PHP are generally best run on a Linux server.

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