Enterprise-Grade Hardware

Each of our servers features only the latest enterprise-grade components. They are built by one of our certified technicians. Once built, each server must pass a series of stress tests prior to provisioning, ensuring servers constantly operate at peak performance.


We feature only the latest generation Intel CPUs, including single processors with up to six cores, to dual processors with up to twenty-four cores.


We know your hosting requirements can fluctuate in an instant, which is why Server Mania always stocks our servers with a baseline of 16GB DDR3 & DDR4 RAM.

16 GB memory (default) $0.00
32 GB memory $10.00
64 GB memory $32.00
128 GB memory $96.00
256 GB memory $224.00
512 GB memory $480.00

Local Storage

Providing a broad selection of hardware at affordable rates has always been our goal. Choose between a Western Digital Black SATA or Intel SSD Hard Drive on your first server at the same price.

1 TB - Enterprise HDD (default) $0.00
2 TB - Enterprise HDD $20.00
4 TB - Enterprise HDD $30.00
6 TB - Enterprise HDD $40.00
8 TB - Enterprise HDD $50.00
10 TB - Enterprise HDD $60.00
120 GB - Solid State Drive $0.00
240 GB - Solid State Drive $15.00
480 GB - Solid State Drive $25.00
1 TB - Solid State Drive $50.00
2 TB - Solid State Drive $100.00
4 TB - Solid State Drive $200.00


Each of our VPS nodes servers utilize LSI 9266-4i/8i RAID cards with independent backup battery units. LSI RAID Cards supporting up to 8 drives are available for your configuration needs.

None $0.00
RAID 0 - Software - (2 Drives)
Linux only $0.00
RAID 1 - Software - (2 Drives)
Linux only $0.00
RAID 0 - Hardware - (2 Drives) $40.00
RAID 1 - Hardware - (2 Drives) $40.00
RAID 5 - Hardware with BBU - (3+ Drives) $40.00
RAID 10 - Hardware wiht BBU - (4 Drives) $50.00
RAID 10 - Hardware with BBU and LSI Cachecade SSD Caching $75.00


We offers managed backup services using proven Bacula technology for both Linux and FreeBSD servers. Our backup servers are located in our Buffalo, New York facility.

None $0.00
100 GB Backup Storage $35.00
250 GB Backup Storage $65.00
500 GB Backup Storage $125.00
1000 GB Backup Storage $175.00

Fully Customizable Enterprise Hardware

As an IAAS provider, Server Mania offers fully customize hardware configuration options to provide an innovative solution for any hosted application. Our servers are outfitted with Enterprise-grade hardware, and performance tuned to exceed architectural standards in order to transcend benchmarks. With a balance of quality and cost, ServerMania offers a unique product which cannot be matched. Our support team is standing by to answer your questions or concerns 24/7. Contact us today for your no obligation quote.

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