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ServerMania is an excellent network choice as it was designed to not only be reliable,
but cost effective as well, providing unmatched performance at an excellent value.


Our IP Transit Internet Access was designed from the ground up to be cost effective, reliable and to deliver unmatched performance at an
exceptional value.

Premium Network Routes

We utilize only the best upstream providers to deliver a vastly superior network experience.

Low Minimum Commitment

We offer commitment levels from 1 Gbps to 20 Gbp to cover all usage requirements.

Consistent Pricing

We feature straightforward and consistent pricing across all services, making it easy to understand the exact fees for network access.

Industry-Leading SLA

With a 100% uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement), you can rest easy knowing your internet access will be available at all times.

Global Noc

All aspects of our network are monitored 24x7 by our on-site NOCs in each facility. This team monitors port status, utilization, and reachability to deliver our 100% network uptime SLA.

IPv6 Access

Our data centers feature IPv6 connectivity, ensuring your organization is prepared for the future growth of this protocol. Real Time Reports - Our online control panel allows clients to instantly view utilization statistics at any time.

Rapid Provisioning

Services can be provisioned within hours of ordering, allowing generation of all necessary LOA/CFA information for customer interconnection via the facility provider.

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