CIDR and Useable IPs

When an IP address range is assigned to a dedicated server, its done in CIDR format.

Using as an example, below is a breakdown of the IP addresses in the CIDR format. The amount of IPs available will change based on the range size.

Example CIDR

  • Network
  • Gateway
  • Useable
  • Useable
  • Useable
  • Useable
  • Useable
  • Broadcast

Cheat Sheet

Range Netmask Useable IPs

  • /29 , 5 usable addresses
  • /28 , 13 usable addresses
  • /27 , 29 usable addresses
  • /26 , 61 usable addresses
  • /25 , 125 usable addresses
  • /24 , 253 usable addresses


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