In this article, we’ll cover the basics for getting started with the ServerMania Cloud by discussing how Cloud servers are billed.

How are Cloud servers billed?

When you first sign up for a Cloud server account, a $50 pre-authorization will be created on your credit card to ensure there is sufficient funds. Note that if you are using a free trial, you will not be charged for the resources used during the trial period.

When you create a server, it will advise you what the hourly cost is for the resources you have selected. Your account will be billed monthly based on your cloud resource usage.

You can view your invoices and manage your payment methods in our Surge Control Panel.

Instances are billed per hour up to a maximum of 744 hours per month (31 days multiplied by 24 hours).

For every hour the Instance exists during the month, whether it’s powered on or not, it will earn 1/<hours in a month> of its total bandwidth allowance up to the package limit.

Need Help Getting Started?

If you need assistance with your new Cloud server, contact our support team for assistance.