How to Delete a Cloud Backup Agent

There may come a time where you no longer wish to backup a device using the ServerMania Cloud Backup platform, powered by Acronis. Deleting a backup agent is the best way to discontinue backups.

This article will outline how to delete a backup agent on the ServerMania Cloud Backup platform.

Warning: Deleting a user agent will immediately delete all files associated with the device on the cloud backup servers. This action cannot be reversed.

Step 1: Login to the cloud backup portal.

Visit our cloud backup portal and login using the credentials supplied to you.

Step 2: Click Backup

Step 3: Click the Gear Icon

Select the gear icon of the device you wish to delete.

Step 4: Click Delete

Step 5: Confirm Deletion

Click the DELETE button to confirm the deletion. The machine is deleted from the cloud backup platform, and all files are immediately expunged.

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