Minimum Requirements

The minimum Fallout 4 system requirements will let you download and play the game, although not to its full potential. If you’re on a budget or not ready to drop too much money into your PC yet, this is the route you’ll want to go.

For your operating system, you’ll need at least Windows 7.

The minimum required processor, is an Intel core i5 3.3ghz.

As far as storage requirements go, you’ll need 8gb of RAM and 30GB of disk space to download and run the game.

Last we have the graphics card. We recommend an Nvidia Geforce GTX670 (2GB) graphics card or an AMD Radeon HD7870 (2GB).

With this set up, the game will run. The graphics won’t be perfect and the frame rate might slow down a little bit when things get intense, but it’ll run nonetheless!

If you want to experience Fallout 4 in all of its glory, this is the path we recommend for you to take.

These aren’t the minimum Fallout 4 system requirements, but they will allow you to play with the best resolution and FPS possible.

First, you’ll want to have at least 64 bit Windows 8 for your operating system.

For your processor, we recommend a Core i7 3.4GHZ processor.

As far as RAM goes, try to have 8GB. Don’t forget the 30GB of disk space!

To make sure your graphics are running at max settings, we recommend either an NVIDIA GeForce GTX780 (3gb) or an AMD R9 290 (4gb) graphics card.

With these settings, Fallout 4 will run as smooth as butter for you. The graphics will be great and the game won’t slow down. You’ll be killing raiders and finding out what happened to your son without any hiccups in performance.

Wrapping Up

Now you know all the Fallout 4 system requirements!

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