How Does DDOS Protection Work?

Have you received complaints from your website's users that they are not able to access the site? Do you believe you may be the victim of a web attack? Do you believe that DDoS protection is the right step for you, but don't know how DDoS protection works?

If you answered affirmatively to any of these questions, be sure to read on to find out what DDoS attacks really are and how you can protect yourself, and your website, from a DDoS attack.

What Is A DDoS Attack?

DDoS attacks are a newly popular form of cyber-attack on a website. What this attack does is it basically fills up your website's servers with "fake" traffic. This fake traffic can be very large, ranging from a few to a couple hundred gigabytes per second.

The fake traffic will make it so that legitimate, real users of your site can occasionally be blocked out of your site. If you do not control these attacks, your website may be inaccessible and your real traffic will decrease.

If you own a business or a service based on having consistent traffic, these attacks can cause great harm to your company's profits and reputation.

How Does DDoS Protection Work?

Many hosting companies are now offering protection against DDoS attacks. The primary form that this protection comes through is traffic monitoring. By using algorithms and advanced software, the traffic coming into a website is monitored to identify it's legitimacy.

Depending on how advanced the protection is, it can only protect from a varied amount of data every second. The very best DDoS protection will be able to handle any attacks, regardless of size.

While most attacks are large in size, the most successful attacks are those that are of a smaller magnitude. The issue with these attacks is that while they may not block your site, they will slow your server and make it so many pages take a while to load.

Be sure to contact protection that will be able to identify all types of DDoS attacks, and will take out those of any scale.

Who is at Risk?

While you may think your website should not be wary of cyber attacks, you may want to reconsider. Recently, many types of websites have been hit by DDoS attacks. From the cat whisperer to credit unions, any website is susceptible.

Some of the most popular victims of these attacks have been credit unions and online game servers. But it's never a bad idea to seek cover from these and other attacks.

How Can I Get the Best DDoS Protection?

While hackers are constantly looking for new ways to attack websites and disrupt production, protectors are constantly looking to improve their defense of websites.

Be sure to look for the most advanced and developed DDoS protection when protecting your website. After all, your website is a strong base for your company's profits, and even one attack can severely damage your reputation.

Contact us if you're in need of some serious, advanced DDoS protection.

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