How long does it take to get a cloud server deployed?

The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology defines the cloud as "a model for enabling convenient, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable resources."

What does that mean in layman's terms? A single source for all your digital assets: archives, servers, applications, the possibilities are endless.

Sounds great, right?

But everything in business has a cost, be it time or money. That begs the question: how long does it take to get a cloud server deployed?

The answer depends on you - your needs as a business, your hiring budget, and the cloud configuration you require. Let's dive in.

Public Vs. Private Clouds

Before you break out Microsoft Azure, you have to decide what type of cloud service you need. Are you prepared to go all in or would a hybrid option work better?

Many businesses take the hybrid approach, as it allows them to divide the server workload between on-site locations (private clouds) and offsite databases (public clouds).

Private clouds allow businesses to store sensitive information on-site. They have better security and give greater control to the host, in this case, your company. You also retain the flexibility that comes with cloud storage.

Public clouds work better for less sensitive information: web servers, infrastructure, backups. From there, developers can easily edit and scale your configuration.

Hiring the Right Technician

Asking how long it takes to get a cloud server deployed is like asking how to win a Stanley Cup championship: you have to look at the talent behind the bench.

Deploying a cloud service isn't as simple as changing your password. You can't just ask your teenage nephew to work on it over the weekend.

You can't just leave it up to your IT department, either. You need the best. Or at least the best for your budget.

The average cost to hire a software engineer runs about $40 per hour, but that rate fluctuates depending on a host of factors such as education, experience, and location.

The right technicians can have you up and running in a matter of days. What's more, they'll stick around after your cloud server's deployed for regular maintenance and scaling, should you need it.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Cloud Server Deployed?

The only aspect left to consider is how much information you need stored. The more applications you have, the longer it will take to configure.

Determine what functionality you need first, then decide where it should go. Take a look at your existing back-end. Do you need the cloud or just cloud compatibility?

Finally, what are your security needs? How safe is your information now? Do you need to take extra precautions?

It sounds like a lot, but the right technician can help you navigate those digital waters. They'll make recommendations based on your needs and help you convert to the cloud in as little time as possible.

The only question now is where can you find the right person?

Well, you can start with us at ServerMania. We offer a wide dynamic of hosting solutions. Our supportive, multi-lingual team will smoothen your transition to the cloud.