Basic servers without any advanced configurations are provisioned within a few hours after ordering. Deployment of your Dedicated Server is not “instant” until the point of the operating system (OS) being installed to spite what most hosting providers will tell you.  There are such a things as “instant” servers which are usually created with in-stock and already configured hardware including select operating systems available over a custom pxeboot-style system or virtual hypervisor.

In this article, you will learn there is a bit more to a Dedicated Server deployment then you may have initially thought. Typically when you order a Dedicated Server from us, once your order has cleared the sales team, it’s moved into our technicians who will customize and build your machine exactly to your order “spec”.

While a lot of a lot large internet hosting providers (such as ServerMania), have thousands if not tens of thousands of servers in stock, there is always a chance your exact spec build is not one hundred percent to what is readily in stock. If we do not have a machine ready for you, it’s likely because you’ve ordered more hard drives or more RAM. Once the order has been moved onto our technicians, it goes through a series of quality-assurance steps to ensure your entire process is smooth from start to finish.

  • Locate base hardware – Once the dedicated technical has found a server with the Central Processing Unit (CPU), the operating system you ordered is installed and configured for remote access, IP subnets (if you ordered additional IP subnets) are routed, a final login test is conducted, and the welcome email is sent out to you.
  • “Spec” machine – If your order does not match already-in-stock hardware, our on-site technicians will then add or remove the parts to your server. This may include Random Access Memory (RAM), adding or removing drives, or swapping CPUs. Once your machine is built, it’s placed back on the rack to finish its journey though operating system installation and finally deployed to you.

Most servers are ready within only a few hours of ordering. Additional time may be needed if parts have to be ordered (usually overnight air mail straight to the data center). If you’ve ordered more than one Dedicated Server, we will need a bit more time to properly configure, setup, and deploy your order to you. It’s not uncommon for customers to rent quarter, half, and full cabinets with their own private switch. They may also include a machine at the top of the rack for the firewall. Many clients who require large orders also need additional IP subnets.

This process may sound very technical and confusing. If you’re ever wondering the status of your order, all you have to do is ask. Simply get in touch with your dedicated account manager.They can give you a timeframe for when your brand new machine is ready. If you are not sure how to contact your account manager, you can give us a call or send an email.