What is a 64 Core Server?

A 64 core server is a type of dedicated server.

Having a dedicated server, in general, is a huge plus when it comes to hosting data for your business, however there are different types of dedicated servers to choose from.

A distinguishing element of a 64 core server is housed by a single platform, rather than spread out among multiple servers.

How Much Does a 64 Server Cost?

The cost of a 64 core server will depend on a lot of factors, and these costs might fluctuate depending on what you need. In general, you might expect to pay about $1,500 per month or so on the installation of one of these server spaces.

Is there a better alternative to a 64 Core server?

64 core dedicated servers are fairly uncommon in the industry. Most applications would benefit from the server load being distributed across multiple dedicated servers rather than relying on a single server to carry the load. 64 core servers start to become cost prohibitive, and typically cost more than $1500 per month.

ServerMania does not offer any 64 core servers, But four 16 core servers could be rented for under $1000 per month, which would provide the processing power of one 64 core server. This also provides you with added redundancy as you have four servers to distribute load across rather than a single CPU.

Find the Best Server Company For the Job

Not that you know what 64 core servers are, how much they cost, and what the alternative is, you should have a better understanding of what will suit your needs.  The next step is to reach out to professionals who can get the job done.

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