What Makes a Blade Server Worthwhile?

If you’re thinking about installing a new server, make sure that a blade server remains high on your list.

For one, these servers don’t take up a lot of space. This lets you get more from your building and creates less waste. In exchange, you’ll also experience a lower cost of ownership.

In general, business owners are getting smart to the idea of having their own server. Having a server of your own means complete autonomy over your data.

You are less privy to outages and downtime. This also gives you complete ownership over your content and the way that you communicate with your customers.

What Should I Consider When Buying and Installing a Blade Server?

Now that you know the perks of having your own blade server, you need to take the proper steps for installation.

First, map out the space to make sure it’s installed without clutter. You’ll need a space that is cool, well-lit, and in a central location. Make sure that you also install security measures that keep unauthorized people out of the server room.

You’ll need the assistance of the best server installers you can find, to make sure it’s installed efficiently.

Next, make sure that you’re installing the blade server in a way that easily allows for future upgrades. An expansion should be part of the gameplan, so keep this forethought during the installation.

How Much Does a Blade Server Cost?

You can expect to pay $2,000 or more for your brand new blade server. This means hardware and labour, and the installation of the server software.

Take the time to also consider the total cost of ownership. This means routine repairs and maintenance that will be a huge part of server upkeep. You might want to look into ongoing repair plans for your blade server at the time of installation.

This way, you can buy this contract up front, rather than paying for repairs out of pocket for each repair call.

Consider a Blade Server Alternative

ServerMania does not offer blade servers, but we do offer rack-mounted dedicated servers. Since the servers are hosted in our data centre, you don’t need to worry about saving space or power. Rack-mounted servers are more common in the traditional dedicated server environment, and they tend to be less expensive to maintain.

ServerMania’s dedicated servers start at just $89 per month and offer the perfect option for those looking for cheap server hosting with unbeatable support.