How much does a Linux server cost?

Have you been considering switching to Linux? Before you jump ship from your current operating system (better known as an OS), it's important to weigh the pros and cons as well as the financial impact this change will have on your business.

One of the most common transitions we see customers make is a move from Windows to Linux. Yet many aren't aware of the costs incurred in making the switch.

There are many aspects to consider, and we're here to help you weigh them properly.

Windows vs. Linux

When it comes to comparing Windows and Linux, the true winner is a matter of opinion. Both OS's have their own pros and cons. You have to determine which one suits you or your business better.

Windows is known to be an easier OS for users to navigate. With the highest number of desktop users, it has a wider array of compatible software to choose from, too.

However, Linux outshines Windows when it comes to high profile users and its library of free licenses and software. It also has a much stronger reputation in the realm of security, making it an excellent choice for businesses with sensitive data that needs protecting.

How Much Will Switching to Linux Cost Me?

There are several price tags to consider in this process, including:

  • Hardware costs

  • Software costs

  • Migration costs

  • Management costs

  • Support costs

However, you can't just consider these numbers alone.

When you begin calculating the total cost of switching from Windows to Linux, you have to weigh more than just the upfront price of the migration and ongoing cost of maintenance. It's important to project the recurring costs and the impact it will have on your profit margins as well.

In some cases, the operational costs from their old OS to Linux make the decision an easy one. If the overall recurring cost reduces your monthly expenses then you are already saving money, which increases your overall net profit over time.

But what if switching to Linux costs more than your current setup?

Most companies consider the TCO, which is the Total Cost of Ownership. This is the overall cost of what it will take to run your business on Linux.

However, this only gives you part of the picture of your budget. Even if you calculate your TCO as increasing with this transition, if it increases your ROI enough to make up for the cost while still improving your net profit, it's worth the investment.

The key to determining whether switching to Linux is right for your business lies in considering all of the financial factors, from TCO to ROI.

Let Us Help You Make a Decision

If you're considering switching to Linux, let us help you make the decision. Contact the IT gurus at ServerMania. We'll provide you with service quotes and consultation to help get your business on the OS you want, as well as attractive maintenance packages that will give you peace of mind!

We even have video tutorials to help you better understand Linux because we believe in empowering our customers with knowledge and support.

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