How much does a Windows server cost?

Small-scale servers increase user productivity. This is true for home and business use. One reason to make this change relates to data bottlenecks.

Essentially, a server allows data to download faster to a central location and then be distributed as needed. This advantage in functionality comes with an associated price.

Distributed network usage makes traditional computing speeds look downright silly. Read on to learn how a Windows server cost can be affordable.

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Windows Server Cost Options

For those unfamiliar with the general set up of a server, we have a guide here.

This guide will walk through the cost of hardware and software necessary to construct and manage a Windows Home server 2016. For business uses, you will want to check out this price guide on licensing.

Those looking to run a smaller home set up can take advantage of free software. Look for Free NAS or the widely distributed Windows 2003 server software.


For those looking to just buy a Windows Server outright, a whole variety of options exist out there. We'll talk about the minimal cost and specs needed.

Servers don't need the same kind of power as a desktop or even a laptop machine. You don't even want them to be as powerful as a server exists to be always on and needs to minimize power draw.

We're talking minimum specs of a 1.4Ghz 64-bit processor and only 512 MB RAM. The required disk space to load the initial server software rests at 32 GB, roughly the same as a bare-bones OS.

The bulk of the cost of a server comes from how much you want it to do and how much storage you require. So, above the minimum comes any number of terabytes of hard disks. You will also want to have a multi-core processor that can distribute and run virtual machines with ease.

Companies such as Western Digital have pre-built boxes that sport a tiny but sufficient dual-core processor and 4 easy to manipulate HDD bays for $399.

That comes with no storage out of the box. A red HDD comes in at an introductory cost of $70 for 1TB.

You will, however, likely want to start at the 3TB price range, which can cost between $110 and $150 offering as much as 3x the space for only double the price.

Final Windows Server price out of the box: $470-$520.


Putting together a larger setup intended to grow a business will cost a bit more. The resulting potential will be outside of the needs of most home media use.

Here you will start with server motherboard. Minimum pricing on these runs in $50 range with some holiday deals getting to $40 or less.

A quad processor built for that same board costs $272. Performance guaranteed refurbished chips cost as little as $40. (The refurbished market is definitely up to individual taste.)

Finally, a 4 bay server chassis to house everything costs $50. Don't forget a power supply rated for 4 slots prices out at $70.

With the same 1-3TB HDD, the final Windows server pricing on a homebrew comes to $610-$670.

The price difference is about $150 more than the out-of-the-box. Keep in mind that the difference between a dual-core and quad-core processor is double the tasks at the same efficiency.

Server Support

Looking for information beyond a Windows Server cost? Check out our knowledge base for tips and guides on using a server for gaming or home web services.

You can also contact us for management and support services for your business.

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