How Much Does A Data Centre Cost?

Actual server size and power usage determine data centre cost. The space a server takes up on a data centre’s rack is measured in “U” units.

The average cost of 1U server colocation can vary from place to place. Depending on the amount of power your server draws the price can be anywhere from $75-$400.

This amount can be shocking at first but you have to understand why these costs exist.

Why Colocation Is A Good Idea

While server colocation cost is something that can hit your bottom line most businesses can’t afford not to colocate.

Using a quality data centre protects you in the case of server failure, prevents overheating, and maintains your equipment in the optimal way.

What Determines The Cost?

In addition to the space your server takes up on the rack there is also a consideration of the amount of disk space and RAM your server requires to run.

If you have a ton of users on your server you will need more power to keep the server running fast. If you don’t have enough the whole operation will experience lag and poor functionality.

Some servers can run with as little as 2GB of disk space and 128MB of RAM. Only a few people tend to use these servers, and they are great for small businesses or startups. There is a great tool available to calculate your exact server usage here.

Is It Possible To Save Money?

With the increased need for colocation data centres, new companies are popping up to manage them. These companies are streamlining systems and giving businesses a good opportunity to save some money without sacrificing quality.

For instance, at ServerMania, you can get server hosting costs as low as $29 per month for a low usage server.

Options are out there for every business that needs a data centre for the colocation of there servers. With the influx of companies to help with this, it is now within reach of even the smallest businesses.

Look, we know all this can seem pretty confusing and overwhelming when you’re first jumping into this topic. Have more questions about data centre cost or server colocation? Check out our blog to read more.

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