Hardware Requirements

In order to run a server, you need to budget for hardware costs. What’s more, the hardware will not last forever, so you’ll need to budget for replacements and upgrades. A common practice is to replace the hardware every five years at least.

This hardware will pull on your power supply. Therefore electricity costs are another factor that will affect your expenses. As you will need to keep the server room cool, cooling costs should also be part of your cost analysis.

Software Requirements

In order to correctly estimate how much does a server cost to run per month, software costs should be calculated. A software license is necessary, however, you can reduce these costs.

This especially applies to small business owners. By using a provider who gets wholesale pricing on the software you can save on what you’d pay if you licensed it yourself.

Additional Hardware and Other Costs

There are optional hardware requirements that can add on additional server expenses as well.

RAID, for example, is a backup system that can improve the server’s performance. You get the benefit of multiple drives working together. This can be helpful in eliminating downtime that would have occurred if one drive gets issues.

If you require more or less bandwidth, your cost will also fluctuate. What’s more, bandwidth is tricky as it requires flexibility and calculation. Getting too little risks your website visitors being disappointed.

Another element to think about is if you want a Solid State Drive (SSD). This is a great way to store data, but it comes at a price. SSDs are more expensive than hard drives. However, if you choose to get one you get faster speed and a more durable data storage option.

Finally, the uplink speed of your server will have to be calculated into your budget. If you want a faster connection, you’ll have to pay for it.

How Much Does a Server Cost to Run per Month?

So, how much does a server cost to run per month? The average cost is around $100 a month.

However, we recommend you talk with our sales team and explain your situation. This way they can recommend something that will fit your budget. Check out the current promotions we have on as well.

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