How do I download Git? (Mac, Windows, Linux)

Before you begin the install process, you may need to download a git install file depending on the OS you are using.


Git is included in the package repository of all major distributions, so there is no need to download git separately .  You can also find the git source file here, but compiling from source is generally not required.


The Windows git installer file can be found here.


Git can be downloaded and automatically installed from within the terminal, or you can download the Mac git installer here.

How do I install Git? (Mac, Windows, Linux)


Follow these steps to install git on CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, or any other distribution of Linux. This will install the latest git version for you.

Step 1: Login to SSH on the Server

Start the install process by logging into the server.

ssh root@IP-Address

Step 2:  Update Repository

apt-get update

Step 3:  Install Git

On apt based systems such as Ubuntu or Debian:

apt-get install git

or on yum based systems such as Fedora:

sudo yum install git


To install the latest git version on Windows, follow these steps:

Step 1: Login to the computer or server

Start the install process by logging into the Windows server or computer you wish to install git on.

Step 2: Download and open the Git For Windows Installer

Step 3: Proceed Through Install Process

Go through the install process and select the settings and options applicable to your situation:

The installation will show this screen when completed so that you can open the git bash:

You can now start using the git bash:

The git install on Windows is now complete.


Step 1: Open Terminal Window

In the Applications > Utilities folder, double click on the Terminal window application

Step 2: Check if Git Is Installed

Enter the git command and hit enter to see if git is installed.

This dialog box will appear and provide you with the option to install git if it is not currently installed:

Accept the License Agreement:

Git will now download and install for you:

Once complete, this message will appear:

Now you can go back to the Terminal and type git –version and hit enter to confirm git is installed and show you the version of git you installed.

The install of git is now complete on Mac.

In Summary

You now have git installed on Mac, Linux, or Windows and can begin using the software. Congratulations! We hope you didn’t face any issues installing git, but you can leave a comment below if you have any questions!