How to Install a Cloud Backup Agent

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The first step in the cloud backup process is installing a backup agent. The backup agent is a piece of software used to manage the cloud backup process on the device you wish to backup. Backup agents are available on a variety of operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and more.

This article will outline how to install a backup agent using the ServerMania Cloud Backup, powered by Acronis.

  • MAC OS

Step 1: Login to the cloud backup portal.

Visit our cloud backup portal and login using the credentials supplied to you.

Step 2: Click Backup

Step 3: Select the device you wish to backup. 

In this case, we'll backup the files on a Mac computer.

Step 4: Select the Operating System

Step 5: Download and install the backup agent.

Once you select the Operating System, the backup agent file will download in your browser. Open the file and complete the installation of the agent.

The installation will conclude with a device registration, which loads the backup console page and adds the machine to your management panel.

The backup agent is now installed, and the device is now available for creating a backup plan, managing backups, and recovering files!

Next Step: Creating a Cloud Backup Plan

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