How Much Does a Server Cost for Apps?

A hand pointing towards a stack of dedicated servers

The location of your data defines your ability to serve your customers. When you're coming up with a new app, you have a lot of concerns to weigh regarding your potential customer base. Figuring out how much does a server cost requires a lot of thinking about what your app does and who it's built for.

When you're building an app, you need lots of space for your team to deploy different test versions and offer them to testers. You'll need server space that can be partitioned to prohibit clients and customers from seeing your development environment. There is the initial development cost to consider as well as ongoing server hosting.

There is no easy number to give for the cost of a server apps because they can range so much in size, users, and function, but you can plan to to budget about 20% of initial development costs to maintain your app.

When you're determining your server cost, consider these three questions.

1. How Much Data Do You Serve?

When you're considering how much server space you need for your app, you need to think about how much data you're serving. If you're just paying for server space to develop on, you don't need as much as if you're sending out lots of data to your users.

If you're running a game engine or any kind of interactive product, you'll need a server that's not only spacious but fast. You might have to have your servers located domestically, which is more expensive than off-shore hosting. The amount of interaction your users have with your app could affect the price of your server.

2. How Much Data Do You Store?

Apps like Facebook and Instagram, which house massive amounts of images and videos for users, use up lots of storage space quickly. If you're saving account information, avatars, photos, preferences, and any social media information, your server needs could quickly balloon.

You may want to launch a beta version with a projected idea of how much data your users will be using. See how quickly you start to fill up server space and project the limits you could reach. Consider putting caps on how much storage you'll allow for users.

If you find they're using your app to store data that should be stored somewhere else, introduce a limit.

3. What's Your Projected Growth?

You shouldn't commit to a permanent server solution until you can gauge how much growth to anticipate in coming years. Have server professionals take a look at the amount of data you're currently serving and how much you could be with a different solution.

If you plan to become a SaaS company, you're going to need to be able to house hundreds of MB of data for every customer.

Combine that information with your overall budget. While you'll need to do some preliminary investment in your server, you should be able to see a healthy return within a year. Always stay ahead of growth as if you end up hitting a wall with space, you could see your reputation damaged irreparably.

"How Much Does A Server Cost" Is No Simple Question

Understanding how much does a server cost will entail thinking about the present as well as the future of your app. Your app will always need more space than you can predict. Your only challenge is to make sure you can keep costs down when you're serving hundreds of thousands of consumers across the globe.

You're best bet for figuring out how much a server will cost for an app is to schedule a free consultation with us where an expert can review your needs and go over your options.