What are the hardware requirements for a CS GO Server?

Counterstrike: Global Offensive is a high skill, competitive shooter beloved around the World. Major competitions draw millions of viewers watching the best teams duke it out for fame and fortune.

It's easy getting sucked into CS:GO with its simple load-out but difficult skill ceiling. Matchmaking through Valve and FaceIT redefined the game's humble, modded beginnings. Community creations are a regular inclusion through maps and skins.

Yet... what if you wanted more control of the game? Or, wanted to enjoy the crisp gameplay and physics in different modes? You need a community server.

What are the hardware requirements for a CS GO server? Keep reading.

Valve's Love and Hate for CS:GO Servers

CS has a unique place in gaming history, starting as a Half-life mod and evolving into what it is today. One of CS's highlight features being custom servers.

The embrace of servers continued through CS Source but fell-off by the time GO came around. CS:GO supports servers but Valve seems to have placed them secondary to Match Making and Casual.

Still, many servers are always in-demand like:


Community server support may change with a free version of GO becoming available. The free version lets players experience offline mode but also tinker with servers. This may renew interest in custom modes helping repopulate servers like the old days!

What are the Hardware Requirements for a CS GO Server? Let's Find Out!

High ping is a game killer in Counterstrike. Valve's public servers run 64-tick but private servers allow 128-tick. The difference in gameplay and responsiveness is well-worth upgrading hardware!

CS:GO Server Specs

Minimum CS GO server requirements are fairly barebones though more is better. You'll want to choose a server setup with easy backend configuration. Plus, cloud backups especially if you reconfigure game modes regularly.

  • OS: Windows 7+, OSX 10.6.6+, or Ubuntu 12.04
  • CPU: Intel Core Duo E6600 (2-2.8GHz+) or AMD Phenom X3 8750+
  • RAM: 2-4GB+
  • GPU: 256MB+ (e.g. Nvidia 8600/9600+ or ATI Radeon HD 2400+)
  • HDD: 15GB+

Use Valve's handy guide to Cvars to customize your server once running. Or, grab community packs and mods for custom games. Successful servers need moderation -- get friends banding together and make it great!

What You Can Do with a Custom CS:GO Server

Casual and comp aren't your only options when setting up a CS:GO server. You have the CS Go requirements set, now try different custom maps.

  • Battle Royal
  • Jail Break
  • BHop
  • Surf
  • 1v1
  • AWP DM

...and the list keeps going and going. Check the community for more information for the game type you'd like to explore with your server.

Interested in custom gaming servers?

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