What are the requirements for an ARMA 3 Server?

ARMA 3 has a solid following because of its realistic military action. This sandbox shooter hosts 16,000+ average players spread across approximately 1500 servers.

Does your group of friends add to the more than 62000 units & clans battling for ARMA supremacy? If so, then you've likely discussed the idea of an ARMA 3 server.

Want to know the server requirements? And, how to set one up? Read on.

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The Minimum ARMA 3 Server Requirements

What's the lowest rig you could get to run an ARMA 3 server?

  • CPU: 2.4GHz dual-core processor
  • RAM: 2GB
  • HDD: 32GB
  • OS: Linux/Windows Server 2008 (or better)

ARMA 3 does not use multi-threading allowing you to save by using a basic dual-core processor. The minimum server specs are about the same as running the game so if it's working on your rig then it'll work on a server.

The Recommended ARMA 3 Server Requirements

Don't want rubberbanding and issues with the hardware?

  • CPU: 3.xGHz+ multi-core processor
  • RAM: 4GB+
  • HDD: 32GB+
  • OS: Linux/Windows Server 2008 (or better)

It's a given that more is always better with dedicated hardware. Consider installing an extra 1GB of RAM for every 10 extra players on your server. This requirement is right in-line with the recommended specs for the game.

How to Install ARMA 3 Dedicated Server

Decide which server packages fit your budget and needs. Then, do the following to setup an ARMA 3 server of your own on a linux based server.

Step 1: Login to SSH on the server

Begin by logging into SSH to your server.

ssh [email protected]

Step 2: Create an ARMA User

Add a new user arma and switch into the user:

adduser arma
su arma

Step 3: Create a SteamCMD Directory and Download Files

We'll create a directory called steamcmd and switch into the directory, then download the steamcmd files:

mkdir ~/steamcmd && cd ~/steamcmd

We'll need to add the non-free repository before we can install steam:

nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Add non-free to the repository line and save the file

apt update && apt install steamcmd

Accept the license agreement:

Step 4: Start Steam

Create a symbolic link to the steamcmd file

ln -s /usr/games/steamcmd steamcmd

Steam can be started in a screen


Step 5: Download ARMA

login steamuser
force_install_dir ./arma3/
app_update 233780 validate

Step 6: Create ARMA Directories

Create the directories used to store the profile files and Arma3.cfg file.

mkdir -p ~/".local/share/Arma 3" && mkdir -p ~/".local/share/Arma 3 - Other Profiles"

Step 7: Start the server

cd "/home/.steam/SteamApps/common/Arma 3 Server/"
./arma3server -name=server -config=server.cfg

What about Running ARMA 3 Mods?

There are countless ARMA 3 mods you may want to explore on your server -- like:

  • Wasteland
  • MGS1
  • Revenge

We encourage running the'recommended' ARMA 3 requirements. This will handle the extra load from player's download/upload. You may want to expand HDD size to accommodate the mod packs, too, if your server is low on space.

The mod loading process details:

  1. Connecting to your server via FTP
  2. Adding the mod to an @name folder
  3. Accessing the control plane and command manager
  4. Add the mod via @name in the commandlines feature
  5. Save and run the server

And like that, you're now running ARMA 3 mods on your dedicated server!

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