What are the requirements for an ARMA 3 Server?

ARMA 3 has a solid following because of its realistic military action. This sandbox shooter hosts 16,000+ average players spread across approximately 1500 servers.

Does your group of friends add to the more than 62000 units & clans battling for ARMA supremacy? If so, then you've likely discussed the idea of an ARMA 3 server.

Want to know the server requirements? And, how to set one up? Read on.

The Minimum ARMA 3 Server Requirements

What's the lowest rig you could get to run an ARMA 3 server?

  • CPU: 2.4GHz dual-core processor
  • RAM: 2GB
  • HDD: 32GB
  • OS: Linux/Windows Server 2008 (or better)

ARMA 3 does not use multi-threading allowing you to save by using a basic dual-core processor. The minimum server specs are about the same as running the game so if it's working on your rig then it'll work on a server.

The Recommended ARMA 3 Server Requirements

Don't want rubberbanding and issues with the hardware?

  • CPU: 3.xGHz+ multi-core processor
  • RAM: 4GB+
  • HDD: 32GB+
  • OS: Linux/Windows Server 2008 (or better)

It's a given that more is always better with dedicated hardware. Consider installing an extra 1GB of RAM for every 10 extra players on your server. This requirement is right in-line with the recommended specs for the game.

How to Setup an ARMA 3 Dedicated Server

Decide which server packages fit your budget and needs. Then, do the following to setup an ARMA 3 server of your own (on a Windows-based server):

Step 1: Install the Server Essentials

Your ARMA 3 server needs:

  • Steam client + Arma 3 Server
  • SteamCMD
  • FTP and server access

Install the Steam-related items on the server via FTP. Else, contact your server provider to include these with the subscription.

Step 2: Download the ARMA 3 Server

  1. Run SteamCMD and log into a Steam account
  2. Download and verify the 'app_update 233780 validate'

This will place the necessary files and folder structure on your machine.

Step 3: Configure the Server with TADST

  1. Download the 'Tophe's Arma Dedicated Server Tool' (TADST)
  2. Open and copy the TADST.exe into your server folder
  3. Run and configure the 'Arma3server.exe' permissions
  4. Set the server rules and add the map/mission in the \mpmissions folder
  5. Save and run the server

Refer to the helpful ARMA 3 Steam community. Or, Reddit's ARMA board for extra help and configuration suggestions. You're now good to go!

What about Running ARMA 3 Mods?

There are countless ARMA 3 mods you may want to explore on your server -- like:

  • Wasteland
  • MGS1
  • Revenge

We encourage the 'recommended' ARMA 3 requirements. This will handle the extra load from player's download/upload. You may want to expand HDD size to accommodate the mod packs, too, if your server is low on space.

The mod loading process details:

  1. Connecting to your server via FTP
  2. Adding the mod to an @name folder
  3. Accessing the control plane and command manager
  4. Add the mod via @name in the commandlines feature
  5. Save and run the server

And like that, you're now running ARMA 3 mods on your dedicated server!

Need a Power Server? Let's Talk!

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Give us a ring (1.888.452.1690) or shoot us an email. We'd love to get you (and your clan/unit) up and running with a dedicated ARMA 3 server.

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