What is Feed the Beast?

Feed the Beast takes the world of Minecraft that we all know and love and gives it new life. Not only does it include a variety of new items and maps, but it also allows players to use modded content easily.

Feed the Beast makes a collection of modpacks readily available, making it easy for anyone to install. These mods create new challenges for players, enhancing the overall Minecraft experience.

While you can enjoy Feed the Beast via someone else’s server, hosting your own will let you enjoy the game your way.

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System Requirements

While almost anyone can host their own server, having the right system requirements can make a huge difference in the players’ experience.

Depending on how much traffic you’re planning on having, you might need a better setup.

At the very least, you should have a 2.4GHz processor and at least 4GB of RAM to run a solid Feed the Beast server. In addition to this, you should have a minimum of 32GB of hard drive space.

These specs will help provide you with enough power to host a server for 7-8 friends. However, it doesn’t hurt to have better specs than this, especially if you plan on growing your server.

While having a reliable system to handle hosting is important, so is having a strong internet connection.

Internet Connection

Having a reliable system will ensure that your computer can handle hosting a server. But hosting doesn’t work if you have a poor internet connection.

If your connection isn’t strong enough, other users will experience lag and will interfere with everyone’s overall experience. But what is the ideal internet speed for hosting a Feed the Beast server?

The best place to start is by checking your internet connection with a speed test. Ideally, your download speed should be somewhere between 15-20 megabits per second and your upload speed should float around 5-8 megabits per second.

If your speeds are too slow, you might want to consider upgrading your plan to accommodate this traffic. Otherwise, you could pay for hosting from a remote location.

Paying For Hosting

These services have different tiers, each varying in price depending on how much speed and space is required. Finding the right host for you depends on the size of your server. For advanced setups, check out our game server hosting services.

While it may be a bit more money in the long run, remote servers offer fast speeds and reliable connections.

Hosting a Feed the Beast Server

While playing on other servers is still fun, hosting your own puts you in control of the game. Creating your own Feed the Beast server may be difficult to set up at first but will help you and your friends enjoy Minecraft the way you want.

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