Basic Windows Server 2008 R2 System Requirements

To run server 2008 R2, your hardware must meet certain requirements to run it. It requires a 64-bit processor unless you’re running on Itanium based systems.

Your processor must run on at least a 1.4 GHz frequency. It’s recommended your processor is 2.0 GHz or faster for best performance.

Server 2008 R2 minimum memory requirement is 512 MB RAM. But, we recommend you run it on 2 GB RAM or higher for it to run smooth.

The least amount of available disk space you need to run it is 10 GB. For best performance, we suggest you’ve 40 GB or more of disk space available for the system to run better.

Also, you’ll need your computer to have a DVD-Rom drive for the installation of Windows Server 2008 R2. The display requirement for this operating system is at least a Super VGA 800 by 600 monitor or one with better resolution.

To run the system you’ll need the basics. The keyboard and mouse are essential to run this operating system.

Other Server 2008 R2 System Requirements

If you’re running the server on an Itanium-based system, you’ll need to meet certain hardware requirements. Your system must have an Intel Itanium 2 processor and more disk space available.

When the computer running the system has more than 16 GB of RAM, it’ll need more free disk space too. The system will use these resources for dump files, paging, and hibernation.

When it comes to memory, there are maximum limits you can’t exceed. These will depend on the type of system you’re running on. For 32-bit systems, the max memory limit will be 4 GB for Standard or 64 GB for Enterprise and Data Center systems.

When it comes to the other systems, the limits are higher. Foundation systems have an 8 GB maximum memory limit. Standard systems have a 32 GB limit while Enterprise, Datacenter, and Itanium-Based systems have a 2 TB max.

We suggest you do a complete backup of all your configuration information for your servers before installing this system. Also, you should run diagnostics to make sure your hardware meets the server requirements.

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Don’t Forget The Basics!

Before upgrading your systems, you can’t forget the basic Windows Server 2008 R2 system requirements. If you think this operating system is the right one for you. Remember that to run it, you’ll need at least a 1.4 GHz processor, 512 GB RAM, and 10 GB disk space.

We recommend you aim to have the hardware suggested for best performance. This way you can make sure your systems are running smooth and won’t have any headaches in the future.

Not sure on what type of server you should run Server 2008 R2 for best performance? We can guide you in this process.

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