What are the server requirements for Windows Server 2016?

Does your company rely on Microsoft services to empower its business functions?

If so, you should consider deploying the Windows Server 2016 (WS2016) in your network if you haven't done it already.


Well, this version of Windows Server is smaller, faster, and comes with new and upgraded features such as window containers, Hyper-v, windows defender, active directory domain services and so much more.

Simply put, the WS2016 has what you need to propel your business to new heights. However, you must meet the minimum requirements to be able to install and use it.

Here are the minimum Windows Server 2016 requirements.

1. Processor

For you to run Windows Server 2016, you need a minimum of AMD64 or 1.4GHz EMT64 Processor. The Microsoft recommends 3.1GHz.

Your processor must also be compatible with x64 instruction set architecture and should support security features such as Data Execution Prevention (DEP) and NX Bit.

It should also support CMPXCHG16b, PrefetchW, and LAHF/SAHF.

Besides, it should support Second Level Address Translation: Extended Page Table (EPT) and Nested Page Tables (NPT).

2. RAM

The following are the minimum RAM requirements for this server:

  • 512 MB and 2 GB for Window Servers that have the Desktop Experience feature
  • ECC type or a similar technology

If you create a virtual machine (VM) that has the minimum hardware parameters and then attempt to install WS2016 on the VM, the setup is likely to fail.

To avoid this, you can allocate 800 MB RAM or more to the VM you intend to install WS2016 on and run setup. Once the installation is complete, you can then reduce the VM's RAM to 512 MB.

You can also interrupt the booting process of Windows Server 2016 by pressing SHIFT+F10. In the CP (command prompt) that will pop up, you can make use of the Diskpart.exe command-line tool to create the desired installation partition. Then run the Wpeutil createpagefile /path=X:\pf.sys (where X represents the installation partition you created).

After that, close the CP and continue with the installation process.

3. Disk Controller and Disk Space

Your disk controller should be PCI Express compliant.

You should also note that WS2016 does not support ATA/ IDE /PATA//EIDE for boot, page, or data. For Core installation, you need a minimum disk space of 32 GB.

Additional 4 GB is required for the installation of Graphical User Interface (GUI).

4. Network Adapter

Microsoft recommends the following minimum Windows Server 2016 system requirements:

  • A Gigabit adapter with 1 Gbps throughput
  • Your network Adapter Should be PCI Express Compliant
  • Your Ethernet Adapter should also support PXE (Pre-boot Execution Environment)

If your system meets these requirements, you can consider installing the revolutionary server.

5. Other Windows Server 2016 Requirements

If you intend to install WS2016 from a DVD media, you should ensure your computer has a DVD drive.

You should also have a UEFI 2.3.1c-based system, Graphic device, Trusted Platform Module, keyboard, internet access, and firmware supporting secure boot.

A Microsoft mouse and a monitor that has high-resolution can also help to make the installation process smooth and successful.

After installation, you need to gather some security tips to protect your Windows server.

Wrapping Up

Windows Server 2016 is revolutionary, and every business owner should try it. It's easy to install and is likely to meet your business needs. However, you need to ensure your system meets the Windows Server 2016 requirements highlighted above.

If you have relevant questions or are in need of assistance, get in touch with our customer support experts.

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