How much does a typical home server cost?

Have you tried to use peer-to-peer networking on four or more PCs?If you found your network vulnerable to viruses, attacks, and lost data, then you’re not alone. Peer-to-peer networking is fine for a few home computers. But if you link more than three devices or you’re running a small business, […]

What is a MEAN Stack

What is the MEAN stack?MEAN stack refers to a collection of JavaScript technologies for building web apps conveniently. It is one of the most popular full-stack development frameworks on the planet. It is named after the four key layers of the tech stack – MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js. All […]

What is MERN Stack?

What is MERN StackWeb applications are developed using a variety of technologies. The phrase “technology stack” is often used in modern software development to refer to the combination of programming languages, frameworks, and tools used in the software development process.In the past, web and mobile applications were developed using Javascript, […]