How much does a Microsoft SQL Server Cost?

Microsoft’s SQL Server 2017 and 2016 are both incredibly popular database server software. If you are looking to setup SQL Hosting, an important factor is how much an SQL Server license will cost to operate. In this article, we’ll outline what SQL Server is, what versions are available, and how each […]

What is HLS Streaming?

It is no secret that media content streamed from remote servers is replacing traditional over the air and cable television services at a rapid pace. Each year, more and more streaming media services are launched. The popularity of these services is largely due to the development work that has been made […]

How to Find Files on Linux with Find and Locate

Linux file navigation may seem daunting at first, but it’s quite easy once you know the right commands to use. This article will walk you through how to locate files on Linux using the find and locate commands. We’re going to navigate into a directory with the following files in order […]

How Do I Install Git?

  Use code KB4KDO0L9 to receive a 10% recurring discount on any server.         TRY THIS ARTICLE        Git is a widely popular open-source code version control system that is used for both small and large software projects worldwide. It is helpful for developers in deploying […]

How to Use the Grep Command to Search Files

There comes a time in every Linux users life where they need to find an expression within a file. For example, you have a long log file and want to see all the instances mentioning a specific error. Grep is one command that can be used to accomplish this task. In […]

How to Connect to Your New Server

In this article, we will show you how to connect to your new ServerMania Linux or Windows Server.How to Connect to A Linux ServerConnecting from a Mac OS deviceDevices running Mac OS can connect to a Linux server using the built-in terminal program. Open up Finder and navigate to Applications > Utilities. Double click on the Terminal application:  Type […]