Top 5 Ways to Secure Your Linux Server

Every server on the internet is constantly vulnerable to intrusion by nefarious users. It’s important that server administrators take action as soon as they setup a server to protect their server. In this tutorial, we will outline some common steps for securing a Linux server. Commands in this tutorial will […]

How to setup Linux Server Backups with Bareos

Routine offsite backup of data is very important for mission critical servers.  This article will show you how to setup Bareos for linux server backups. What you’ll need: A primary Linux server: This article will describe the steps for CentOS based servers, but Bacula can automate linux server backups on Debian, […]

How much does a database server cost?

As your company grows, you create more and more data. That information, whether it’s customer profiles or the back-end of an app, has to be stored somewhere. To date, you’ve been using spreadsheets. You’ve started to understand why you need a database server for your business. This computer stores information you […]

How much does a Linux server cost?

Have you been considering switching to Linux? Before you jump ship from your current operating system (better known as an OS), it’s important to weigh the pros and cons as well as the financial impact this change will have on your business. One of the most common transitions we see customers […]

How much does a virtual server cost?

There are almost 2 billion websites live online as we write this. Each website requires hosting, but not all hosting is created equally. When you look at virtual servers, you’ve probably seen the prices of servers can vary greatly. Why is that? Continue reading this article to learn why the cost […]

How much does a website server cost?

CPU Your webserver should have plenty of processing power. In most situations, web servers will run Intel Xeon processors with anywhere from 2.0Ghz per core to 3.0GHz per core. The more cores and higher clock speed, the better. RAM RAM is important to the speed of your website. If you […]

How much does a Windows server cost?

The cost of Windows Server depends on which version of the Operating System you wish to run. If you already own a license for Windows Server, you can install the Operating System for free at ServerMania using IPMI. We also offer Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard and Windows Server 2012 […]

How much RAM do I need for my dedicated server?

When it comes to computers, things can get pretty tricky, pretty fast. You’ve already experienced this with all of the updates in technology and the fancy lingo used to describe certain tech equipment. Things don’t change much when it comes to a dedicated server. There are many different parts that all […]

What are the hardware requirements for a virtualization server?

Setting up a virtualization server? Don’t worry–you don’t need a Cisco certification to choose the right server. If you know your way around the innards of a desktop, you won’t have any problems. Microsoft offers a guide to determine your server hardware requirements. Unfortunately, it requires some technical savvy. This guide, on the other hand, gives […]

What are the requirements for a 3CX dedicated server?

3CX is a PBX system giving businesses a secure and flexible line for communications. A 3CX dedicated server offers an in-house system with complete control and configuration. Leading brands use 3CX including Pepsi, Boeing, and Mitsubishi. Its notable features include Click2Call, Web conferencing, and switchboard capabilities. Have you considered 3CX? But, don’t […]